What Your Bookmark Says About You

There are many ways to distinguish the type of book lover someone is like what kind of bookmark they use. So what does your bookmark say about you?

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Bookmarks are a book lover’s means of customizing and personalizing their reading experience. Not to mention the huge variety, and almost unlimited, choices of what kind of bookmark is used to keep track of their reading.

You know the saying, “You can tell a lot about a person by the books they read?” Let’s spin that saying and apply it to bookmarks. Perhaps it is possible to tell what type of person someone is solely based on what they use as a bookmark. As a book lover who uses a variety of different bookmarks, I feel like a self-proclaimed expert in all things bookmark-related. So just for fun, here is what different bookmarks say about someone. 

Proper Bookmark


A “proper bookmark” is pretty vague and broad. What exactly classifies one? For me, proper bookmarks are those typical, standard bookmarks such as the traditional tall rectangular ones. They’re the ones that people think of when they hear bookmarks or the ones they see selling at bookstores. And sometimes they come with a tassel or even a charm attached at the top.

If you use these then you’re basic but in the best way. You’re the standard. You’re classy but you probably wouldn’t lean toward the unordinary. It’s a classic. You’re pretty neutral in terms of book lovers because you’re not boring, but you’re not eccentric either. You are basically the true neutral of the bunch. 

Sentence Pointer


A sentence pointer bookmark is an elastic band that you wrap around the book. There is an attached arrow or finger you can slide along the elastic to mark the exact sentence you last read. If you use these, then you are efficient and probably logical. You’re also organized and meticulous. When you open your book, you want to know the exact spot you left off and you want to immediately start reading. There is no time or need to delay a good story. You mean serious business and that includes diving straight back into the last sentence you stopped at. 

Dog Ears


A dog ear bookmark is when you fold the corner of a page down making it look like a dog ear. You’re chaotic. If I had to pinpoint dog ear bookmark users on a chart, I’d place them as chaotic neutral and maybe even chaotic evil. And honestly, the chaotic energy derives from the fact that for some book lovers, it is scandalous to dog-ear your books. Almost as scandalous as cracking book spines.

You either don’t really collect books so it doesn’t matter what condition the books are in, or you like the look of how worn a book is because it shows how well-loved it is. But I get it, I used to be one. It can be convenient and it’s easier not having to worry about bookmarks falling out or losing them. But it’s still pretty chaotic energy.



Whether it be a grocery list, a receipt from a bookstore or library, or even just a random piece of paper lying around, it can be utilized as a bookmark. So if you use receipts as bookmarks, then you are resourceful. You’re super efficient because it’s reusing the paper as something else. And if the receipt is from a library, it’s an easy way to keep track of due dates.

It’s also a motivation to finish reading the book by the due date so you don’t get fined. If it’s a receipt from a bookstore, well, you always have the option to return the book if you end up not liking it. Plus you won’t have to go searching and tearing your place apart just to find the receipt. All in all, you’re clever and inventive. 

DIY Bookmarks


DIY bookmarks are some of the best bookmarks because they are super personalized and customizable, but they can also be pretty inexpensive. Oftentimes, they are materials you already have laying around the house. If you DIY your own bookmarks then you are creative and artistic, that’s obvious.

You probably also value aesthetics because by making something yourself, you’re ensuring it’s something that looks nice while you’re reading. You’re pretty much a genius using what you have laying around the house and turning it into something else. Or you’re clever enough to look for some DIY ideas online and masterfully recreate them. 

Remembering the Page Number


If you somehow don’t use any bookmarks at all and simply rely on remembering what page number you were at, then I’m going to be honest: I am both extremely impressed and a bit terrified of you. You must have an insane memory to remember what page you were on.

To me, this is so unheard of. There must be a rare percentage of book lovers who do this. If you can go about your day consuming endless amounts of new information in your brain, and still remember where you left off in your book– that is too impressive to the point that it scares me a bit.


So what kind of bookmark user are you? Of course, there are always overlaps especially if you use an assortment of different bookmarks, but perhaps you really can tell a lot about a person by the bookmarks they use. 

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