7 DIY Bookmarks To Make Your Books Crazily Crafty

Here are some DIY bookmarks you can make easily, in large quantities, and then leave them all over your house for emergency book placement. Check these out!

Just For Fun

We’ve all been there. Picking up a random scrap of paper, a (clean) tissue, a receipt, a post-it, a hair tie, a stick, the one ring to rule them all, or even a paper clip to save your place in a book. And sometimes you’re just looking around for something, anything, and you can’t find a single thing you can use as a bookmark! But imagine this: you’re reading the latest book on your to-read list, and you feel yourself start to doze off. You don’t want to lose your place, so you grope around the nightstand and grab your bookmark. Without losing that precious sleepiness by having to find something, you put away your book and drift off to a nice sleep.


As nice as this fantasy sounds, bookmarks can be expensive, or hard to find, or easy to lose. So, in order to combat these problems, here are some DIY bookmarks you can make easily, in large quantities, and then leave them all over your house for emergency book placement. Check these out:


1. Pottery Barn’s Button Bookmarks


Image Via Pottery Barn

This DIY bookmark is simple, pretty, and easy to make. All you need is buttons, large paper clips, and superglue. You can get as creative or stay as basic as you want. And it’s easy to make loads at a time, just buy a lot of buttons and paper clips and heat up that glue gun. It’ll be more interesting than your average paper clip bookmark, and it’ll also make it easier to see where the bookmark is. Besides, you know that you’ve always wanted a big bag of fun and interesting buttons. Now you have something to make with them!


2. White House Crafts’ Washi Tape Bookmarks


Image Via White House Crafts

If you want a more colorful, crazy bookmark experience, check out these washi tape bookmarks! All you need is a corner punch, a hole punch, scissors, ribbon, and a whole load of washi tape. As wild or wacky as you want. These bookmarks are super easy to make and give you a chance to flex your creative muscles and combine different colors, patterns, and shine to get the perfect bookmark.



3. Make & Fable’s Josephine Knot Bookmark


Image Via Make & Fable

For those of you who love working with your hands, tying knots, or just like learning new things, these Josephine knot bookmarks are absolutely for you! Just get yourself a cord (2mm minimum is the recommended size for first-timers) and follow these instructions for a great crafty bookmark! And if you find that you like tying these knots and making these bookmarks, you can make yourself some bracelets with the Josephine knot too. Go check these out!


4. Onelmon Crafting Experiments’ Pencil Case Bookmarks


Image Via Onelmon Crafting Experiments


Alright people. These bookmarks are about to get…more functional. With just some felt, snap fasteners, elastic bands, needle and thread, and scissors, you can make a bookmark that is also a pencil case. For English majors or high schoolers or any analytical book-lover who likes to annotate their books, this bookmark is seriously fantastic. This bookmark serves its usual purpose—saving your place in a book—but it’ll also hold your pen or pencil for easy note-taking. Amazing.


5. Practical & Pretty’s DIY Paper and Leather Bookmark


Image Via Practical & Pretty

For anyone who wants a stylish and sophisticated bookmark, these paper and leather bookmarks could be just that. You can make some superbly pretty bookmarks with contact paper, cardstock, and leather string, with some copper tape for an optional decoration. They’re easy to make, and after you find some awesome contact paper that strikes your fancy, you’ll be golden! Go check these out!



6. Onelmon Crafting Experiments’ Ice Cream Sticks #2: Arrow Bookmark


Image Via Onelmon Crafting Experiments

This bookmark design will be great for those readers who find themselves getting déjà vu whenever they sit down to read again, because while they got themselves a DIY bookmark to save their page, they lost their line. That’s where the arrow bookmark comes in. Just take an ice cream stick (and you can eat the ice cream if you want…just clean the stick properly), an electric strap, needle and thread, glue, scissors or a pen knife, and optionally washi tape for decoration. By cutting up the ice cream stick, you can fashion a cute little arrow which will point to the exact line you left off on. Neat!


7. Dawn Nicole’s Printable Coloring Page Bookmarks


Image Via Dawn Nicole

There’s something in the brain that just knows—coloring things is soothing and feels good. Well, it’s time to get some relaxation and some nifty new bookmarks simultaneously. These bookmarks are free to download, and all you have to do is print them out on cardstock, color them, cut them out, and even laminate if you want! With pretty and detailed backgrounds and relatable quotes on these coloring page bookmarks, you’ll be able to make just the bookmark you want. Go check these out!



So, for all readers out there who are sick of sticking whatever’s on hand, including literal, actual trash, in their books, these bookmarks are definitely for you. You can make so many bookmarks so easily, and you’ll soon be surrounded by tons of DIY bookmarks to put in all your favorite books. So for some fun and crafty new ideas for bookmarks, check out these links!


Featured Image Via Onelmon Crafting Experiments