5 Awesome Original Bookmarks You Need Right Now!

What kind of bookmark user are you? Do like long, short, simple, crazy or use anything you can find? Here are five bookmarks that you should buy!

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I am a bookworm down to my core! One thing that is essential for a good reading time, specifically when you finish a chapter, the bookmark. Having a special bookmark that speaks to you, or that you enjoy to look at while reading, is the greatest item you can have. There are many bookmarks out there to choose from. You may enjoy the basic solid color bookmark, or are very peculiar how a bookmark appears. Heck, you may be the type of bookworm that presses the corner of the page inwards or uses random materials from your house as a bookmark.

Regardless of what kind of bookmark you use, I have a few creative recommendations that you should consider purchasing before you uses your old bookmarks.

1. Ribbon Bookmarks  


Ready to craft your own? This particular handcrafted bookmark is simple and easy to do. This bookmark is from the website Sparkles of Sunshine, created by Christie (who doesn’t have a last name). Christie showcases all her creative bookmarks and other crafts. She has pictures that tell you in simple terms how to do each step efficiently and what materials you’ll need.

Ribbon bookmarks have that nice pull, almost like an elastic band. I think this will help for those who sometimes have a bookmark slip through the pages. Nice, tight, and secure is this bookmark. There is no price range, however based on the materials you may use (altenrative materials similar to suggested) you can make different kinds or a similar set. The price could be roughly $20-$30 at the craft store or any other place you shop.

2. GreenMarker


Enjoy plants or are a garden fanatic, these simple bookmarks are from an online shop in Tokyo, Japan. Yuruliku online shop is where you can buy these bookmarks. The simple plant like design resembles a green leaf or strip of grass.

if simplicity is your aesthetic when choosing bookmarks, I’d recommend this type. enjoy reading multiple books simultaneously, watch how your shelved books can look like a garden when using these GreenMarker bookmarks.

Price is $5.95 or $6 USD

3. WickedWitch BookMark


Enjoy all things literature and pop culture? Want to make your favorite authors, characters and the like a reality? MyBookMark store is an online store that has handmade bookmarks that are sturdy and reliable. They are very creative and do all kinds of characters, literature icons, and famous individuals. Many of their options range from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Animals, Disney, and Christmas Collections. The Wicked Witch bookmark caught my eyes, the ruby red slippers are hard to miss!

Each bookmark is handmade by polymer clay, acrylic paints, and polished off with varnish. The average prices range from $33 to $35 dollars. Right now there is a 30% sale which has prices dropping to $24 dollars. If you want your own handmade personalized bookmark it is $5 dollars extra.

You can also purchase these exquisite creative bookmarks on Etsy or Amazon.

4. Classic Cat Bookmarks


Animal lovers, specifically cat owners will love these adorable cat bookmarks. How adorable would it be to see a cute puss face and little paws clinging onto your book page?! These are created by LeChatQuiBulle a french brand on Etsy.

What makes these cat bookmarks so great? They are made by recycled cardboard. Not only do you get a cute cat(s) you are being environmentally friendly. Won’t that be a great thought to have while reading?

They come in two sizes mini $3.30 and maxi $4.62.

Classic Cat bookmarks come in these colors: calico, grey, black and white, ginger, brown, grey and white, black, siamese, chartreux, and tortoiseshell.

5. Unique Corner Bookmarks


If simple yet a burst of color is what you are looking for, TheBookMarkNovelist has Unqiue Corner bookmarks for sale. You can find these on the Etsy store. For those who hate using the corner of a bookpage, these are the solutions. Sometimes a long bookmark isn’t your style. Here are short yet creative corners to decorate your books nicely.

For an individual corner bookmark is $2 dollars. That’s not all, if you want to be an avid collector of corner bookmarks TheBookMarkNovelist has cute petite boxes you can choose from. Colors come in white, black, mustard, and grey. Keep in mind that you must buy individual corners to fill up the box. These wooden boxes are $22 dollars. But, as most bookworms know, you can[t put a price on book worthy tools.

I hope these five bookmarks caught your eye. Which one stood out to you? Go to Bookstr for anything book related.