Three To Read: Teaching Your Children About Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is an important Mexican holiday, which is why you can use these recommendations teaching your children how to commemorate Hispanic culture and history!

Recommendations Three To Read Young Readers

Cinco de Mayo is a major holiday in Mexican culture, celebrating the Mexican victory over French forces in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Not only is it an important day of history, it also commemorates an aspect of Hispanic culture– one that you can educate your child about and expand their mind to different cultures and traditions! There are many ways you can teach your child about the importance of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and with these Bookstr Three to Read recommendations, we provide you some literary ways to do that!

Hot Pick

I Spy for Kids: Cinco de Mayo

By Mexican Celebration Books

Cinco de Mayo Book For Kids Ages 2-5: I Spy Book for Toddler and Preschool (Cinco  de Mayo Gifts for Kids): Books, Mexican Celebration: 9798448374050: Books

Synopsis: This children’s book is an interactive method of teaching your child about vital aspects of Hispanic culture and Mexican history. In this I Spy book, your young reader will explore different parts of Cinco de Mayo, such as decorations, foods, and materials associated with the holiday to be found and observed through a variety of graphics and illustrations. Not only will they use their detective skills to locate certain materials needed for the holiday, they can also practice hand-eye coordination searching through each pages in this fun, family-friendly educational method!

Why: I Spy books are classics for children’s entertainment and reading! It provides not only a fun game to keep your child entertained, but the illustrations and the culture that it intends to teach your child provide a more involved approach to teaching your child the different elements and aspects in the Cinco de Mayo holiday.

Coffee Shop Read

Celebrate-Celebramos Cinco de Mayo

By Marisa Boan

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo - Celebramos Cinco de Mayo: A Bilingual Book for  Kids in English and Spanish (Around the World by Magic Spells for Teachers  LLC) - Kindle edition by Boan,

Synopsis: This children’s book is written in both English and Spanish, so your child will have the opportunity to learn not only the history and culture of Cinco de Mayo, but also gain some lingual skills in that time! In this book, we discuss customs and traditions that are important in this holiday, as well as some interactive coloring pages and games to promote more learning and engagement with its festivities.

Why: The children’s book provides a bilingual approach to educating its readers about Cinco de Mayo. Whether your child comes from a Spanish-speaking household or not, this is a great way for your child to gain cultural and lingual knowledge about the world and celebrations around them!

Dark Horse

Betty Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

By I.K. Rose

Betty Celebrates Cinco De Mayo: Picture Book Story For Kids: Rose, I.K.:  9788396444028: Books

Synopsis: Together, readers learn and explore aspects of the Mexican holiday and Hispanic culture through the eyes of Betty Cottonball, a sheep who helps us to discover the diversity and richness of the holiday. We learn about where the holiday is most celebrated, how the holiday is celebrated, and the food, music, and fun that comes along with celebrating this Hispanic holiday!

Why: Readers learn about the history and culture about a holiday as important as Cinco de Mayo through the perspective of a fun character that your child can get attached to- what’s not to love? Your child not only gains new knowledge about Cinco de Mayo, but also gains an introduction to new characters to guide them through the adventure involved in discovering Mexican culture and holidays!