3 Romance Novels That Are Sure To Make You Smile

Some romance novels are cute, and then some are so adorable that you won’t be able to stop smiling from start to finish. And these 3 books will do just that!

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If you’re a romance novel fanatic looking to fall in love with love even more, (and if you don’t mind having a smile stuck on your face), then these three recommendations are perfect for you!

1. Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter

Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter book cover

This delightful romance will have you laughing out loud and believing in fate. It is an enemies-to-lovers story full of tension, misunderstandings, banter, and unmatched chemistry. Olivia Marshall and Colin Beck hate each other, and they are sworn enemies. So what will happen Olivia loses her job, and the two are forced to be roommates in Olivia’s brother’s apartment that he shares with Colin? And what will happen when Colin realizes that the witty and charming wrong number “Miss Misdial” that he has been texting for weeks is, in fact, his arch-nemesis? You’ll have to read it to find out!

2. The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams book cover

If the last book will have you smiling the whole way through, then this one will have the smile plastered to your face for days after. The Cheat Sheet employs the classic friends to lovers trope, but Sarah Adams brings a sense of giddiness and childlike infatuation that is hard for an author to accomplish as well as she does.

Bree (dance teacher) and Nathan (star NFL quarterback) have been best friends since forever (high school). But they have both somehow convinced themselves that the other couldn’t possibly think they were anything more than friends. When a publicity stunt proposed by Nathan’s publicist pushes them to fake date for three whole weeks, the forced proximity brings out repressed feelings and longings in both of them that demand to be addressed.

3. Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington

Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington book cover

After a somewhat slow start, this enemies to lovers read shocked me with how adorable the chemistry between the two leads turned out to be. After being inseparable for one summer when they first met, Sidney and Asher had a falling out. For every summer after, they chose to become the ultimate pranksters, with their ruthless pranks always directed at each other. While it seems like nothing but hate and distrust could ever be felt between them, everything changes after a prank goes too far, and a common enemy emerges.

Once Sidney and Asher start working together, they realize that they are much better off as friends, or perhaps, as lovers. Anyone who calls themself a romance fanatic needs to have this smile-inducing book on their TBR list. It will not disappoint!

These three books are some of the sweetest romances you’ll ever read. If you want to be smiling like an idiot over a book, then waste no time picking up one of these charming reads today!

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