‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ TikToks That Are Absolutely Hilarious!

Bella finally chose between Edward and Jacob. But instead of divulging on the plot, let’s look at some funny TikToks about Eclipse!

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If you own a cellphone, you may have come across some pretty spectacular videos about the Twilight Saga. I am thoroughly addicted to these short reels. Eclipse definitely had some cringe moments, especially in the eye contacts and hair department. But sometimes, you got to sit back and giggle at the comedy. Here are some TikToks we can’t stop laughing about!


Jasper’s Eyes

You can’t sit there and tell me you weren’t immediately scared of Jasper’s stare. You can’t! ladyyasmina1 has been busting out Jasper videos with those golden eyes for a while, and I still laugh my butt off when I come across her videos on my TikTok feed.

Jacob Black and His Cringe

I’m sorry, Jacob fans… Jacob Black is toxic (Edward is, too!), and his actions in Eclipse are far from okay. He forces Bella to kiss him? No way! There’s the door. So, of course, we picked out a couple that makes fun of him.

Eclipse’s Production

The hair, eyes, and props were not the greatest in this installment. At the time, I actually liked Bella’s ring… I mean, I was ten years old, so anything shiny was good enough for me. And do not get me started on Bella’s wig!


filmed all that to not even release it as a deleted scene 😅 eclipse as a book to movie adaptation hurts me #twilight #twitok #10MillionAdoptions #jacobblack

♬ Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) [From “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”] – Black Moon Lovers

also me to ed in general & before anyone starts no this was NOT period accurate at all or even accurate to the book lol #twilight #twitok #bellaswan

♬ original sound – Corinne

I’m just going to leave this one here.

No words. Pure, simple comedy. It only gets funnier if you watch it a few more times.


Reply to @jacquelinevargasc4 I just so happened to have this one in the chamber 😅#breakingdawn #twilighteclipse #bellaswan #jacobblack #edwardcullen

♬ original sound – LoveMeRico

In all seriousness, I do have a soft spot for the Twilight Saga. For a long time, Eclipse was my second favorite from the franchise, and it might still be, but I’m not sure. I might have to do another Twilight marathon! Who’s with me?

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