If the Twilight Saga was Made in 2022 Who Would be the Cast?

I don’t care what anyone says. The Twilight Saga is iconic! What if the movie was made in 2022? Who would star in the roles? Read on to see who we picked…

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Asher angel, Makenzie foy, and Dakota beavers from right to left. twilight tile overhead. twilightesque background

Ten years ago, Breaking Dawn Part 2 graced the movie screens, and the Twilight Saga concluded. Not to be dramatic, but I miss watching the trailers over and over until the releases in November.

For fun, we here at Bookstr are making a 2022 cast list. Read on to see who we picked! Reminder: this is strictly for enjoyment!

Our Trio

Makenzie Foy as Bella Swan

Is this a cop-out? Probably, but I am incapable of choosing any other person to play Bella. Makenzie played young Renesme, Bella and Edward’s vampire/human hybrid baby. She stole our hearts!

I mean, look at Makenzie! She looks just like Bella Swan with all her beauty and glory. She can play our sweet innocent Bella while also maintaining her curiosity bone. Her roles in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and Black Beauty solidify my choice for these reasons.

Maude Apatow is the runner-up. She portrays awkwardness (our Bella is notorious for) very well in the hit TV show Euphoria, but Makenzie is taking the cake on this one!

Asher Angel as Edward Cullen

Asher would be a great Edward. It’s the hair for me, and those crystal blue eyes that would look just as good with vampire contacts. There are no alternatives. His breakout role in Shazam! shows the versatility of being silly while also having a serious side regarding people he cares about.

Dakota Beavers as Jacob Black

We need a cuddly werewolf to keep us warm on late winter nights! Dakota’s breakout role in Prey granted him on this list. He played Taabe, the main character’s brother, and was an excellent addition to the cast as a caring sibling.

I was almost inclined to place Booboo Stewart as Jacob, but he is a decade older than his counterpart, and I’m refraining from at least the main three to not “higher” older actors.

The Cullen Family

Jenna Ortega as Alice

Our girl Alice is a lot of things. She is a good friend, sister and never lets anyone feel left out. Not to mention, she is a fantastic partner to Jasper.

Jenna Ortega is a highly versatile actress. Have you seen her in season 2, You, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and The Fallout? I can see her playing every female role, but she fits as Alice– the whimsical best friend of our Bella Swan.

The runner-up is Sophia Lillis because she could play any role as well, and we need an Alice that can range to different emotions while maintaining her upbeat personality.

Timothée Chalamet as Jasper

After viewing this edit with Timothée having blonde hair, I knew immediately he could be Jasper. And with his countless roles like Call Me By Your Name, Beautiful Boy, and his recent part in Bones and All (a cannibal love story), it only makes sense he could play a vampire.

Charlie Heaton could be a close second! He always looks like he’s in pain, after all…

Alexa Demie as Rosalie

Alexa might actually be a vampire, so there shouldn’t be a surprise why I picked her as the ever-so-beautiful Rosalie. She has the range of being a kickass heroine while also being capable of showing her soft side.

I was tempted to put Peyton List as Rosalie, but I thought she would fit better in another role…

Peyton Alex Smith as Emmett

Emmett is a burly, good-loving vampy, and we need someone to radiate that energy. Peyton is switching teams to vampires! He played a werewolf in The Vampire Diaries spin-off show Legacies. He was a cuddly teddy bear on that show, so could he continue this trend as Emmett?

Paul Wesley as Carlisle

Played a vampire? Check. Looks beautiful? Check! Need I say more? He was Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, for crying out loud! Stefan ate baby squirrels and was always looking for the best in people. He must play our man Carlisle.

Karimah Westbrook as Esme

Karimah has played a mother role in All American, and she has thus succeeded! She has the warm smile that would put you in a pile of goop. Need I say more?

The Villains

Peyton List as Victoria

Victoria was the best sneaky baddie in the Saga, so it only fits if we get someone who could give her role justice. Peyton is such a badass in Cobra Kai. Just dye her hair red, and we have our Victoria.

Anya Taylor-Joy was my alternative. I think both ladies would fit the role, but there’s something about Peyton’s iconic line in season 2 of Cobra Kai that gets me hooked. Watch below!

Nicholas Galitzine as James

James was a terrifying vampire. He was only in the first movie, yet he played a vital role in the latter two films. Victoria was out for revenge for her beau.

Nicholas Glatizine is notorious for playing a villain! He can play a bad guy and look good while doing it. He’s played the creepy jerkwad in Share and the bully-turned-sweetheart in The Craft sequel, so he could handle playing James.

Sadie Sink as Jane

Sadie Sink has that sweet innocent look on her face, but one wrong move, and bam! You’re dead. That screams Jane!

Ah, if only this fan cast were real. Do you see Twilight getting remade in the future? This probably won’t happen for a few decades… but in the chance it does happen, maybe the casting directors can take a look at the list. Want more Twilight content? Click here!