7 Moments in ‘The Mandalorian’ That Make Us Crave Season 3

‘Mandalorian’ we miss you! After three years since its release on Disney+, fans haven’t had enough. Let’s get our fix with 7 moments that left us starstruck.

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Din and Grogu together.

I’ve been watching Star Wars since I was five years old. My dad made sure to turn me into a fan from a young age, and he did his job well. Even now, we hurry to the TV whenever a new episode of Andor airs. But the story that has stuck with us both has been and will always be The Mandalorian.

With its action-packed adventures, high stakes, and of course, Baby Yoda (Grogu) how could we not love it? With season three coming out in March of 2023, we couldn’t be more thrilled. But waiting for the show to air is easier said than done. To help pass the time, let’s travel through hyperspace to 7 moments that left us wanting more.

1. Din Meets Grogu

7 moments in the 'Mandalorian' that make us crave season 3. Din meeting Grogu for the first time

What a way to end the first episode! Right from the start, The Mandalorian took our breath away. After Din charges into his mission guns blazing, the atmosphere quickly shifts to a moment of calm. Within the dust and destruction, a connection is formed. As the light shines on the duo to showcase the difference between them, they reach for each other. In retrospect, this is an extremely symbolic shot that influences the rest of the series. Grogu and Din need each other. In moments of struggle, they’re both intent on protecting the other, whatever it takes. While this father-son relationship wasn’t what we were expecting, we couldn’t like this unlikely pairing more.   

2. Mando Kicking Ass

7 moments in the 'Mandalorian' that make us crave season 3. Din with the Darksaber

I think we can all admit that Din Djarin is a badass whenever cornered into a fight. No matter the odds, he knows just how to get out of a sticky situation. Whatever fight scene he’s in, we’re all captivated by his strategy, quickness, and unconventional fighting style. We’re so used to seeing characters fight with lightsabers and the Force, that it’s nice to see just a regular guy trying to fight against Imperials, monsters, and other Mandalorians. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m always at the edge of my seat when Din is in the midst of a fight. 

3. Din Goes Back For Grogu

7 moments in the 'Mandalorian' that make us crave season 3. Din holding a metal ball.

There were many episodes of The Mandalorian that had my heart racing, but none quite like Episode 3. Sitting in his ship, Din just delivered Grogu to the Imperials to complete his mission. But the absence of “The Child” has Din second-guessing himself. This scene truly shows just how much of an amazing actor Pedro Pascal (Din Djarin) is. Even though he’s hidden by the helmet, we get all the necessary emotions just from a few simple movements. Once Din picks up the metal ball that Grogu took a liking to, we know his choice has been made. I literally have chills sitting here writing about it. 

4. Mando Makes Friends

7 moments in the 'Mandalorian' that make us crave season 3. Din and his friend Peli Motto.

One thing that I never would’ve expected out of The Mandalorian was the bonds that our helmeted hero would make. In private conversations, I’ve always said that The Mandalorian reminds me of Beowulf, especially when it comes to Din’s interactions with others. He’s just a guy going around helping people out whenever he can. My favorite friendship from the series is Din and Peli Motto’s (Amy Sedaris). Their humorous banter and rushed arguments would give my dad and me a good laugh. These connections were able to add another layer to Din’s character. He’s not just some brooding guy, he’s a person with a heart to help.

5. Ahsoka Enters the Scene

7 moments in the Mandalorian that make us crave season 3. Din and Ahsoka Tano.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian was filled with surprise appearances like this! Ahsoka Tano is a cherished character within the Star Wars universe, so seeing her fight alongside Din was a special occasion. Played by the outstanding Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka’s character in Episode 13 was exactly what we wanted. Between seeing her Jedi powers in full force and her telepathic conversations with Grogu, how could you not love this episode? Ahsoka’s appearance in the show got fans online all excited (myself included). Let’s just hope that we can see her again in season 3. 

6. Luke Skywalker Returns

7 moments in the 'Mandalorian' that make us crave season 3. Luke Skywalker holding a green lightsaber.

Ahsoka Tano wasn’t the only one to make an astonishing appearance that had fans filled with joy. As Mando and his crew are just about to be defeated by Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), a stranger emerges. Moving within the darkness, there could be only one character that has the power to put the dark side to rest, and look good while doing so.

Luke Skywalker has come to save the day! The cinematography has been amazing throughout The Mandalorian, but they put all of their energy into this scene. Harking back to the original Star Wars trilogy with Luke’s iconic green lightsaber lighting the halls, all you can do is watch as Luke defeats the dark troopers with ease. The power of the Force is strong with this one.

7. Grogu Says Goodbye

7 moments in the 'Mandalorian' that make us crave season 3. Din looking at Grogu.

How could we ever forget this heartbreaking goodbye? Now that Luke Skywalker has offered to train Grogu, this means the pair has to part ways. But before they go, Din is determined to give Grogu a proper goodbye. The Mandalorian creed forces Din to wear his helmet at all times, but he breaks the rules for this moment. As the two see eye-to-eye for the first time, we truly see just how much they mean to each other.

Mando took off his helmet, not because he was forced to, but because he wanted to. He wanted Grogu’s last memory of him not to be of a steel mask, but of his own face. Grogu remembers him for who he was, not the armor that protects Din. From the beginning to the end, this dynamic pair will stay in our hearts forever. 

Even though it’s been three years since its first episode, The Mandalorian will easily go down as one of the most promising Star Wars shows ever. Season 3 of The Mandalorian is set to be released in March of 2023. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come from our favorite Father-Son team.


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