Celebrating Richelle Mead! Fun Facts About the Author

Richelle Mead is a well known and loved author of several series. Join us in celebrating her life and accomplishments with some fun facts.

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Richelle Mead realized her dream of becoming an author with her first publication in 2007, Succubus Blues. Since then she has written more than twenty-five novels for both teens and adults. Her list of novels for teen readers includes The Vampire Academy series and the spinoff series Bloodlines, the standalone Soundless, The Glittering Court, and The Age of X series. Her novel Succubus Blues is part of the Georgia Kincaid series written for adult readers. Join us in celebrating her life with some fun facts about the famous author.

Writing from an early age

Richelle Mead started writing when she was a little girl, designing her own picture books. As she grew older she continued writing short stories, but during high school and college, she stopped writing. A career she later came back to.


Did you know that Richelle Mead went to three colleges and has three different degrees? She first went to The University of Michigan and obtained her BA in General Studies, then went to Western Michigan University and received her Masters of Comparative Religion. Lastly, she went to the University of Washington to receive her Master’s in teaching.

She then went on to teach eighth-grade English and social studies. However, while teaching, Mead began writing again as a hobby. While the sci-fi Mead wrote never went to the publishers, it did prepare her for Succubus Blues. After the success of her first novel, Mead realized her dream of being an author full-time and she quit teaching.

fun facts about Richelle Mead to celebrate the author
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Mythology and Folklore

Mead grew up loving mythology and folklore. While her stories are not based on real-life people or real events, they are often inspired by cultural mythology and folklore. In fact, the Romanian myth of strigoi and moroi inspired her Vampire Academy series. Chinese myths and folklore inspired her novel Soundless.

fun facts about Richelle Mead to celebrate the author
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Vampire Academy Adaptions

Mead has had her popular Vampire Academy series adapted twice. The famous series was first adapted in 2014 as a movie starring Zoe Deutch as Rose Hathaway, and Lucy Fry as Vasilisa Dragomir. Despite following the book fairly closely with a few deviations, the movie was a flop with critics and fans. However, her series recently received a new adaptation as a television show exclusively on Peacock streaming.

Starring as best friends and revolutionaries Rose Hathaway and Vasilisa Dragomir, Sisi Stringer and Daniela Nieves are cast into a world full of political intrigue, forbidden romances, constant danger, and betrayals. While Peacock’s Vampire Academy made several changes to the novel’s storyline, the changes are an improvement, because they keep the fans guessing and interested. Ironically, Richelle Mead had no hand in the development of Peacock’s show, but she is a fan.

cr. via Twitter @RichelleMead
cr. via Twitter @RichelleMead

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Richelle Mead is just as hooked by Peacock’s Vampire Academy as her loyal fans are. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a season two renewal announcement made yet, but we’re all hoping for one soon. Showing the world that dreams do come true at the most unexpected time, Mead continues to write sharing her stories and voice with the world. She is an inspiration to all, that dreams are possible, after all, she was a teacher before switching to a full-time author.

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