Calling All Geminis: Hot Summer Reads Perfect for Your Sign

Check out these awesome book recommendations for our Geminis. This is sure to add some great summer reads to your TBR!

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Early summer means heat, ice cream trucks, tanning (don’t forget sunscreen), and everyone’s favorite: Gemini season. Geminis are some of the most passionate and outgoing people among us! Whether you’re poolside or hogging the AC, you deserve to read something just as fun as you. Finish out your week with one of these hot summer releases.

Pedro & Daniel by Federico Erebia

Witness Daniel and Pedro grow up and beat the odds in this emotional rollercoaster of a read. This book chronicles two gay, neurodivergent, Mexican-American brothers who navigate life in 1970’s Ohio. The two boys share a background, and yet, they are so different from each other (as siblings tend to be).


Like Geminis, this book is multifaceted: Erebia tackles deep-seated issues of colorism, racism, homophobia, and more in a time and place where these sentiments were enabled. It also features the duality of self, of two parts of a whole, something Geminis relate to profoundly. If you want to learn something about yourself this summer, pick up Pedro & Daniel today.

Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou

The Ora sisters are descendants of the mythological Fates. The youngest, Io, uses her gods-given abilities to investigate crime in the city of Alante. She partners up with the Mob in order to solve serial murders of women in the area and falls in love in the process.


We can’t say too much else without giving away the plot, but trust us, if you liked the Percy Jackson series, you should start this one. It’s fast-paced and passionate, so there’s no way Geminis will get bored!

You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron


Guests pay to be scared at Camp Mirror Lake, and Charity Curtis has finally scored her dream job working there. These thrills are anything but cheap, though; when one of Charity’s coworkers is found dead, and then so is another and another, she realizes something much more sinister is going on at Camp Mirror Lake. She and her girlfriend have to be industrious and brave if they want to survive their summer jobs. This is a short, thrilling, and contemporary Agatha Christie horror, and the intelligent Gemini is sure to obsess.

Kismat Connection by Ananya Devarajan

What’s better than an astrology-based read? One that also has a cute love story. Madhuri is about to embark on her last year of high school. She is determined to beat her family’s curse, which, per her mother, has determined that her senior year will suck and that she’s destined to marry her first boyfriend (whom she hasn’t met yet). In order to exercise her free will, Madhuri decides her first boyfriend will be her best friend Arjun. Although she believes this is a safe bet, proof of the curse being breakable, Madhuri is unaware that Arjun is in love with her already. As Madhuri begins to fall for him, too, she has to decide between accepting fate or sticking to her plan, which means forging her own path, at the expense of Arjun.


Geminis are strong-willed but fickle-hearted, much like Madhuri, and whether you’re rooting for her freedom or for her destiny (Is there freedom in destiny?), you won’t be able to put down Kismat Connection.

Things I’ll Never Say by Cassandra Newbould

If you want to have your heart broken and then mended again several times over, read Things I’ll Never Say. Casey and her twin brother Sammy were two of the four members that make up the Scar Squad. Even when Sammy dies, the group stays strong. Only when Casey develops feelings for both Francesca and Benjamin is the group threatened. Follow Casey as she reconciles her love for her two best friends with her grief over her twin brother.


A Gemini’s friend group is integral to his or her life. And, for better or for worse, a Gemini’s love knows no bounds (we’re thinking Casey might be one). If you need a little drama to spice up your life and don’t mind shedding a few tears in the process, this is the perfect novel for you.

Geminis are fun, spirited, social, and stubborn creatures. If you’re a Gemini looking for a great read this summer, check out one of these novels!

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