The Ultimate Basics Gift Guide for Your Book Lover

This is the ultimate gift guide for the book lover in your life. Make it simple and fresh with this list!

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the ultimate basics gift guide for your book lover

It’s so easy to overcomplicate things when giving gifts, and it feels no different if you have a book lover in your life. But never fear! This gift guide reminds you to stick with the basics this coming holiday. Christmas is a time to love each other and give out thoughtful gifts that people will carry with them for years to come. Here’s everything you should get your fellow book lover in your life.

Keep it simple… MORE BOOKS

blind date with a book idea book box
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ Lobookdecor

Do you know their favorite genre? Well, you better! If they are a romance fiend… here’s a bright idea. Get them a romance book! But the problem with that simple statement is what if you get them a boring romance book, or maybe they don’t provide romance tropes your book lover loves? You can always try the plethora of Blind Dates with a Book. Hundreds of shops on Etsy can help you with this predicament. But to really spruce up the love, check out Lobookdecor, who creates gift boxes with a mystery book, note paper, candies, annotation supplies, and so much more. Your book lover will feel mighty special.

Bookmarks are Small yet Very Important

Astrological book marks

To be completely candid, if I had a bookmark that I actually liked to look at, I would use it way more often. I think a common struggle between bookish folks is losing your place within a book. A bookmark will surely help out in those trying issues. Can I get an amen? Having a unique bookmark- something made special for that person- you are gifting will put a smile on their face. Give them a set of bookmarks and sneak one in their stocking.

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A Fancy Smancy Bookshelf

a bookshelf on wheels

Is your book lover always on the go? Bookshelf on wheels is probably the best bet! You can never go wrong with buying them a bookshelf. Reading is an endless hobby. Perhaps one on wheels can be rolled right next to their bedside before they go to bed. See! A simple bookshelf is fun and all… but one on wheels?! You would be so thoughtful! Any person knows one of the best reading spots is a cozy bed.

A Warm Blanket and a Mug

canva picture of blanket and mug

Speaking of a cozy bed, a blanket and mug may sound basic, but the truth is, it’s probably the sweetest gift on the planet. Nothing is more thoughtful than a fuzzy blanket with your choice of a mug. Want it to be funny? Get a funny mug! Want to make it bookish? Get a bookish mug! The possibilities are quite endless.

Notebooks are a Must

SIMSIMY Reading Journal with 104 Book Reviews

Is the book lover in your life opinionated? Do they rant about a book they can’t get enough of? Are you continuously zoning out when they talk about how enemies to lovers are the best romantic trope for the one-thousandth time? Get them a notebook like SIMSIMY Reading Journal designated for their bookish opinions that track their reading, reading goals, and favorite quotes.

And there you have it, folks — the ultimate basics gift guide for your favorite book lover. Be sure to check out our Etsy gift guide!

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