5 Fantasy Debuts You Can’t Miss In 2024

These books are magical, bloody, and seeped in adventure. Not to mention, their covers are absolutely stunning. If you’ve been looking for more titles to add to your TBR in 2024, we have the perfect titles for you.

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Book covers for “So Let Them Burn”, “The Poisons We Drink”, “To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods”, “Voyage of the Damned”, and “Mistress of Lies” against a starry blue background.

For the past several months, many 2024 debuts have been alleged victims of a review-bombing campaign on Goodreads, which you can read about here. To shine a light on the new talent debuting next year and to make sure their voices aren’t lost amidst the frenzy of finding the review-bombing culprit, here is a list highlighting the five major targets of the campaign.

These books are magical, bloody, and seeped in adventure. Not to mention, their covers are absolutely stunning. If you’ve been looking for more titles to add to your TBR in 2024, we have the perfect titles for you.

So Let Them Burn by Kamilah Cole

Book cover for "So Let Them Burn" by Kamilah Cole.

In this Jamaican-inspired fantasy, a girl is forced by gods to choose between her sister and her country. Two years ago, Faron Vincent used her gods-gifted powers to free her homeland from its neighbors, the Langley Empire, an empire of dragon-riders. Now, at seventeen, there are no more wars for Faron to fight and no way for her to use her powers. When she’s forced to an international peace summit, Faron only expects to be put on display and made to show off her powers. But her older sister Elara unexpectedly forms a bond with an enemy dragon–and the gods say the only way to break the bond is to kill Elara. The two sisters must make difficult choices to escape with their lives and world intact.

The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste

Book cover for "The Poisons We Drink" by Bethany Baptiste.

Venus Stoneheart brews illegal love potions to support her family in a country where humans and witches are heavily divided. Not only does brewing have dangerous side effects, but getting caught can lead to prison or a death sentence. When an enemy bullet kills her mother, Venus’s life becomes about keeping her reckless little sister safe and surviving. But the head of her coven, the powerful Grand Witcher, gives Venus a chance at revenge against her mother’s killer. But the chance will cost Venus–she must brew a potion to enslave D.C.’s most powerful politicians, forcing her deep into the sinister underbelly of her city.

To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods by Molly X. Chang

Book cover for "To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods" by Molly X. Chang.

Ruying lives in a conquered world, a world brutalized by foreign invaders who defeated the magic of people with unfathomable technologies. Ruying wants nothing more than to make them leave, and she has the power to do so – Ruying was blessed by Death, born with the ability to pull life from mortal bodies. But exposing her gifts sentences her family to certain danger, so Ruying vows to lay low. Until an enemy prince discovers her abilities and proposes a bargain – if she becomes his private assassin and eliminates his political rivals, her family will never starve or suffer harm again. Can Ruyin trust him enough to accept his offer, or will she betray her nation to protect her loved ones?

Voyage of the Damned by Frances White

Book cover for "Voyage of the Damned" by Frances White.

Ganymedes Piscero is not meant to be a hero. He has a lot of titles – class clown and slacker, to name a few – but savior isn’t one of them. And he shouldn’t have to be, given the company he has aboard the emperor of Concordia’s ship. The ship is on a twelve-day journey to the Goddess’s mountain to celebrate the success of the wall known as the Bandage, the wall that keeps the peace between Concordia’s provinces. Besides Ganymedes, the heirs of Concordia’s twelve provinces are also aboard, and each is gifted with a unique ability known as a Blessing. But when one of the heirs is murdered, Ganymedes must step up and unmask the killer to save his empire, all without the help of a Blessing of his own.

Mistress of Lies by KM Enright

Book cover for "Mistress of Lies" by KM Enright.

Shan LeClaire and Samuel Hutchinson are opposing forces that are tasked to work together. Shan has spent her entire life perfecting her magic and building a powerful network, which she uses when she assassinates her father and becomes head of the family. Samuel has worked hard to avoid the dangerous and alluring world of magic, only to find the first victim of a magical serial killer. Samuel’s discovery pulls him into the court of the vampire king, who tasks Samuel, Shan, and Royal Bloodworker Isaac to find the killer and stop them from wreaking more havoc on the city.

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