Etsy Gift Guide for a Book Lover in Your Life

Aren’t sure what to get your book lover for the holidays? Etsy is a perfect place to go to! Here’s a gift guide that every bookish person should take a look at!

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It’s that time of year when it’s time to open our wallets and shop for our loved ones! If you have a fellow book lover in your life and you have no idea what to get them… this gift guide from Etsy is the place to start. Etsy is a place for small businesses to share personalized and expressional things… or, in this case, bookish gifts. Read on to find that special gift for your book lover.

Blind Date with a Book: $12+

Blind date with a book, a book wrapped in cardboard paper
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ TowneWitchCreations 

The easy way out of your gifting predicament is buying a book, but what if you choose the wrong one? Besides, it’s so easy to buy a book from their favorite genre; why not make it fun and customizable? TowneWitchCreations has a special gift idea where you get to choose the genre, and they pick a random book. The person you’re gifting loves Romance? YA? Christmas? You get to choose the genre and TowneWitchCreations wraps it up all nice and dandy for your person!

Custom Indie Book Earrings: $8.50+

Custom Indie Book Earrings-- a legacy of storms of starlight earrings
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ BellesBookCorner

Do you or the person you are gifting have a particular book or series that’s constantly on their mind? These earrings by BellesBookCorner will be the best choice! Pick any book, any edition, to give a perfect reminder of their favorite book.

Christmas Gift Miniature Book Locket Necklace: $14.70+

Necklace keychain golden
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ LeBuaJewelrytoo

If earrings aren’t their favorite jewelry piece, why not try a necklace? A photo of you or their favorite quote from a novel inside would be the best bet to get for your fellow book lover. LeBuaJewelrytoo has you covered in all the best ways with this charming piece of jewelry.

Christmas Book Tree Ornament: $13.12+

Christmas Book Tree Ornament hanging on a tree
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ ScottMillerStudio

Does the person you’re gifting love Christmas just as much as they love books? Why not give them both?! ScottMillerStudio allows you to have a pack of bookish ornament or a single of your choosing. The infamous book Christmas Trees is to die for, but it could be tiresome to build every year, so having a miniature one on the tree for this year and all the years to come would be the best bet for all.

Full Leather Classic 100 Greatest Books: $54+

Full Leather Classic 100 Greatest Books different colored books
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ YourGrandpasLibrary

Are you gifting multiple book lovers? Or maybe you want to go all out for someone… either way, these vintage book covers and editions would be AMAZING! Get classics like Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, and so many more! These editions are primarily from the 1970s and 1980s. If your book lover is a classics type of reader, YourGrandpasLibrary has everything you’ve ever needed in life.

Personalized Reader Gift Funny Candle Birthday Gifts: $15.99+

smells like she's reading again candle
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ Crudewicks

Nothing is more special than lighting a candle on a cold winter night with a warm beverage and a well-loved book. Want to be coy with your book lover? Get them this “smells like she’s reading again” candle. If you want to change out ‘she’ with another pronoun or a name, you can do that too! I’m sure the person you give this to will get a chuckle out of it. The scents included are Apple Harvest, Cinnamon Vanilla, Clean Cotton Sea Salt + Orchid, or White Sage + Lavender. Check out Crudewicks for all your candle fixings.

Leather Aesthetic Personalized Book Gift: $34.99+

Leather Aesthetic Personalized Book Gift

Is your book lover also an aspiring writer? FoxenTales has you covered in this classic notebook where the person you are gifting shall be inspired to write a bestseller. If you know the title of the book they are creating, you would surely make their heart race if they saw it on a book cover… especially if you add their name as well! Get the book in any color and variety style of vintage love.

6 Shelf Bookcase with Drawer: $67.50+

6 Shelf Bookcase with Drawer
IMAGE VIA ETSY/ MyendlesscreationsCo

Does your fellow book lover need more bookshelves? (Don’t we all!) MyendlesscreationsCo has this unique bookshelf that displays books in an aesthetic and eye-catching way. You can never go wrong with another bookshelf because guess what? Books and the love for them are endless!

Etsy is a place to go for customized personal gifts. Hopefully, you found something grand for your person this coming holiday!

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