5 Awesome Audiobook Apps For Your Listening Pleasure

Is there anything better than listening to a new book while doing some mundane task? Read on for some great audiobook app recs!

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A pair of headphones resting on an open book resting on a windowsill next to a potted plant

Audiobooks are great to listen to when doing chores, exercising, or if you just like them. (And we unfortunately don’t always have time to sit down and read.) With so many audiobook apps, it’s easier than ever! But with so many, deciding which is best is hard. So, here’s a short list of five great apps to choose from!


A collection of audiobooks available at audiobooks.com such as 'Atomic Hearts,' 'It Ends With Us,' and 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck'

This app has a free 30-day trial that includes three free books, and it’s $14.95 a month after that. A membership gives you one credit a month, and you use that credit to purchase a book. (You can buy more credits or just use cash.) The app has over 400,000 books in its catalog that you can download to your library to enjoy them at any time. They also have monthly discounts, especially during the holiday season.

Chirp Audiobooks

Top left image saying 'no subscription required' with a yellow bird holding a pair of headphones in its beak; the top right image saying 'new audiobook deals daily' and showing book examples; and the bottom image showing a woman listening to an audiobook with text that says 'Chirp Audiobooks'

This app is only available in the U.S. and Canada. While you do have to buy audiobooks, there is no monthly fee or subscription to this app. After signing up, you have to fill out a short survey, and then the app sends you daily emails on sales based on your preferences. They have sales going on all the time, and these books are often $5 or less. You download books you want and can listen to them whenever and wherever you want.


The Libby logo showing a person mostly hiding behind a book

The Libby uses your library card to connect to your library’s collection. You can’t purchase books from Libby, but you can check out up to ten at a time for up to three weeks. You can see which books are and are not available, and you can place them on hold. It even shows an estimate of how long it will be on hold. You can also sample the book by listening to a portion of it, even if it’s on hold.


Book examples from Everand such as 'I Miss You When I Blink,' 'Three Women,' and 'Whisper Network.'

Everand is part of the company Scribd, which gives access to research documents. With a monthly payment of $11.99, you can access Everand, SlideShare, and Scribd. Everand gives you access to hundreds of thousands of audiobooks and e-books, magazines, and more. You can choose to download them or to stream them from the app. Everand can also be used on all phones, tablets, and desktops, and your books will sync so you can switch between devices with ease.

Smart Audiobook Player

Smart Audiobook Player logo with a red background and white play button

This app is compatible with MP3, M4A, M4B, AWB, OGG, and WMA formats. To listen to them, you need to download the books manually, and they go in subfolders on the app. The app is simple to use, and it can transfer data over to different phones as well. Smart Audiobook Player can be free, but you can make a one-time payment to upgrade to Pro for features such as audio adjustments and bookmarks.

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