Sublime EDM Albums That Will Change Your Reading Experience

Like techno? These EDM albums will surely change your book reading experience!

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As a preferred silent reader, I struggle to read anything while listening to music. It’s not because of the music itself, but the words! I get so distracted by the lyrics that I end up listening to an entire album without realizing I have not taken in a single chapter. Most of the time, I end up reading in silence. Unfortunately, I am one to hear everything around me and feel distracted. If I’m on the train and the person next to me is chewing gum, I cannot read. If I am in my living room and my roommate starts to vacuum, there is no way that I am reading a single sentence. So, what is the best way to cure my compulsive reading habits if I cannot be in absolute silence? Two answers!

First, I use my noise-canceling headphones. Secondly, EDM! The best part about techno music is how easy it is to listen to. The beat build-up can be repetitive, followed by a twisted sound and other beats added on top. Usually, the lyrics are also repetitive so that you can sing along with no trouble. This lyric style is surprisingly perfect for reading because it repeats the same lyrics, making it less distracting. If you are curious about trying out techno, here are some artists, albums, and set recommendations you should try while reading! As someone who struggles listening to music while reading, I believe these recommendations will help you nose-dive into a whole new world of music!

Nightmare on Rezz Street by Rezz

Nightmare on Rezz Street by Rezz album cover

If you like spooky, sweaty, and scary, Rezz is the perfect artist for you! Rezz was one of the first DJs I got into when I first entered the world of EDM, and I would describe her beats as frighteningly funky. I recommend listening to her mixes while reading in the horror genre. Rezz’s Nightmare on Rezz Street and Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 are the PERFECT mixes for a scary read. The beats are formidable, followed by sound baits from popular horror slasher movies, just for that extra scary appeal.

A Moment Apart by ODESZA

Anytime I listen to ODESZA’s music, I enter a world of fantasy. Their music reminds me of a Narnia scenery, where I dress as a warrior exploring villages of fairies and trolls and fighting for my kingdom. ODESZA makes such astounding mixes. I recommend first listening to their A Moment Apart Album. It may be an oldie (from 2017), but it changed my life in the best way possible.

A Moment Apart by ODESZA album cover

Their recent album, The Last Goodbye, is another you will not want to miss. Both albums are magical and wonderful. It will be the perfect listen for a fantasy read. My only warning is these songs have more lyrics, unlike the other recommendations. So, if you struggle with reading and listening, maybe start with another recommendation first!

Loner and Awake by Alison Wonderland

No, it is not Alice who fell down the rabbit hole, but the powerful Alison Wonderland DJ! One of my favorite artists, Alison Wonderland’s 2018 Awake album, will truly awaken your inner feminine rage. I recommend listening to Awake while reading a powerfully feminine book. Looking for some of her more recent mixes? Try Loner. Both albums are well done. I like listening to Alison whenever I am feeling lost in my womanhood. Her music makes me feel heard, like she understands the struggles of feeling unwanted and lost in my path. Her Loner album is especially important to me because of its powerful message on the struggles of anxiety.

Loner by Alison Wonderland album cover

Loner went into Alison’s inner and outer demons while she was creating the album. Though she struggled with the fear of failure and grieving from previous losses, the album is a masterpiece. She later released a graphic novel version of the album. The book comes with an RPG game with a Dungeons and Dragons appeal. (The book Loner is AMAZING! I recommend picking a copy up when you can!) As a woman who struggles with high anxiety, it is heart-touching to have an artist like Alison in my life whom I can relate to. Some of her song lyrics are heartfelt and even tear-jerking, while others are thunderous and angry. I love everything about Alison’s music. I recommend it to all those who want to snap back into their feminine power or those who might be struggling with anxiety.


Looking to get comfortably uncomfortable while reading your sci-fi fiction book? LSDREAM has been waiting for you. I do not have a specific mix or album to recommend from LSDREAM because all of his music is different from the rest. I cannot possibly choose one specific mix or song to start. I recommend just diving right in.

Heartwave by LSDREAM album cover

LSDREAM’s music is weird. There is no other way to put it. But who said weird music is bad? His mixes may not be your top choice for a romance novel, but I urge you to listen while reading cyberpunk style or sci-fi. His beats will put you in a futuristically funky mood, which would best suit you while reading about robots in space or Alien-invasion concepts.

Visceral by Getter

Visceral by Getter album cover

Visceral is another throwback album from 2018, but I wanted to mention this album because of its simplicity. I listened to this album every day of 2018 solely because it was the only thing I could listen to while studying. Getter goes HARD on this album, yet it feels so quiet at the same time. I consider it as brain food because it keeps my brain in motion, but it does not have my full attention. I recommend this if you are reading anything that needs your full attention. Whether you are studying yourself, or maybe there’s a newly released book from a series you have been waiting years to read. This album is the complete package.

Heritage by Habstrakt

Heritage by Habstrakt album cover

I had to mention Habstrakt solely because he is my favorite DJ of all time. I consider his music as messy-catchy. When I say messy, I mean it as twisty and surprising. I never know what to expect while listening to his music, and that is exactly what I like. I want to feel curious about what will happen next. What will the next drop be? Will this be loud or more instrumental? He always has me on the edge of my seat, like a good book! The problem with Habstrakt’s music is it always wants my full attention, so I only listen to him if I am reading something light, like a magazine or using a coloring book. I recommend listening to his newly released Heritage album. It may be a heavy listen, but give it a try!

Chris Lake

Chris Lake Album cover

For all those saucy readers out there, Chris Lake’s music will surely spice up your reading. I am not a big romance gal, but if I were to pick up a spicy book today, I would most likely throw on some Chris Lake mixes in the background. His music is deep, and his lyrics are very sensual. I see Chris Lake appearing in your future playlists, especially if you enjoy the charming book genre and are looking for some new funky beats to fill in the romantic scenes.

EDM might not be your sense of style, and that is understandable. Some Genres of music are not for everyone! But do not think of music as a one-and-done scenario. Do not give up after one song; keep the beats going! You never know what could spark your interest until you give it a chance. You could be moments away from discovering your new reading playlist…

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