Beautiful and Unusual Bookmarks I Didn’t Know I Needed in My Collection

For the whimsical bookmark lovers, these beautiful and unusual bookmarks are perfect for your collection.

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On the left side is a set of bookmarks with starry moon and sun scenes. They are surrounded with candles and a bird's feather, all sitting on top of a deep blue tablecloth. On the right side is an open book with the same bookmarks lying inside of it. A pearl bead bracelet lies beneath the book. Everything sits on a brown table.

Bookmarks don’t simply serve the purpose of marking our spot; they add a bit of whimsy as they peek from the top of the page or lie in wait from inside the book. They’re tasseled, feathered, coiled, or simply rectangular. They’re intricately designed with painted scenes of our favorite characters, dragons, fairies, elves, and nature. They’re handmade with care or displayed in abundance at our local libraries. A beautiful bookmark can come in unusual shapes and designs that many of us would never consider. These are the bookmarks that deserve a place in our collections. At least mine, anyway.

Handmade Natural Bamboo Bookmarks

Handcrafted in the shape of classical swords, these elegant and timeless vintage-style bookmarks are great for stowing inside your book until your next read. The shiny, deep brown tassels and intricate engraving along the hilt and blade look natural and effortlessly designed as if this sword could’ve existed in a long-ago world. Bookmarks like these would easily fit in my collection. They certainly are quite beautiful and unusually whimsical, and they display a delicate quality that truly seals the deal for me. I’m sold, but what about you, dear book lovers?

One side shows the bamboo bookmark in the shape of a sword with a long, brown tassel attached to the hilt. The blade and hilt are decorated with an intricate line pattern. The hilt of the bookmark leans against a brown book; the blade sits on white paper.

Cool Night Sky Bookmark

A bookmark bundle with varying, vividly unique renditions of the sun, moon and stars? A definite buy in my book (pun intended!) Printed on both sides with ethereally intricate detail, these unusually unique bookmarks make me feel as if I’m floating among the stars. They would surely make my collection stand out in the most charming, out-of-this-world way.

A set of bookmarks with starry moon and sun scenes. They are surrounded by candles, an amber broach, and a bird's feather, all sitting on top of a deep blue tablecloth.

FoxForest Bookmarks

What a delightfully unusual find this zinc alloy feather metal bookmark is! A vintage style bookmark that’s 100 percent crafted by hand features a 3D butterfly and dried flower bead pendant. To accompany the bookmark, a thumb book page holder is made with quality resin and handmade with dried flower and butterfly patterns. This bookmark is quite fanciful and sends me spinning through a meadow of colorful flora or dancing among exotic trees. Books aren’t the only thing that can take you on an adventure.

There's feathered bookmark with a gold chain and butterfly hooked to it. There's also a red flower pendant at the end of the chain. A butterfly shaped book/thumb page holder sits to the left of the feather bookmark. the feather is gold, and the book holder is different shades of pink and red. They are sitting in nice box with black inlay.

Twin Lotus Bookmark and Metallic Lotus Bookmark

Unique and elegant, these twin lotus metal bookmarks are certainly a thankful find. The detail, the soft colors, the floral design all come together to create a simplistic yet otherworldly bookmark duo. It’s said that the lotus is a symbol of luck and romantic love between partners. Time to test these out on that fantasy couple I’ve been shipping for the last hundred pages!

Two slender bookmarks with lotus designed tops and chains with smaller lotus heads on the ends presented on a white background. They are pink, green, and white. The one on the left has an intricate design in the center; the one on the right has a lotus in the center.

Spoonie Courage Bookmark

This unusual silvertone spoon theory bookmark is charmed with a spoon of “courage” and an awareness ribbon that dangles from it. The elegant curve of this handmade metal and resin bookmark beauty coupled with the vintage silver hue makes for a perfect addition to any bookmark lover’s collection.

A curved silver bookmark with a filigree design on the length of it, and a small spoon, ribbon, and charm dangling from the tip. It's sitting on a brown leaf-patterned background.

Lotus / Gingko / Dahlia Leaf Golden Hollow Metal Bookmarks

Unusually and uniquely constructed, these delicate bookmarks are made of high-quality brass and certainly makes for a gorgeous find among the many floating out there in the bookmark ether. They truly stand out with their lotus, gingko, and Dhalia leaf designs, and they are handmade to boot. A lovely placeholder to mark your pages.

There are six gold bookmarks sitting against a white and greenish-brown background. One is in the shape of a clover, which is sitting on a rock-like mound. The others are shaped in leaves and flowers and lying on a white background. They all have chains with smaller size flowers mirroring the larger flowers they are attached to.

Vintage Feather Metal Glow in the Dark Bookmark

Glow in the dark bookmarks — a truly remarkable and uncommon find! These zinc alloy pieces are durable and adorable. And to get that nice glow under darkness, a special layer of resin is used to cover their surfaces. These enchanting bookmarks also come in various styles: dragon, owl, cross, and butterfly. A dreamy fit for my collection that I could surely see myself using time and time again, even if to simply see it glow. What’s say you, bookmark lovers?

An owl and feather bookmark is on the left, and a dragon and feather bookmark is on the right. They are lying on a black box with raised back lettering. The feather and animals' bellies and dragon wings glow int he dark.

Amethyst Journal Healing Stone Crystal Bookmark

One glimpse at this gorgeous, otherworldly bookmark certainly made my heart flutter. The bold purple and turquoise that makes this bookmark look more 3D is honestly eye-catching. A handmade wonder with a nice tassel to slip over your finger when handling this beauty made of paper, silk thread, and laminating pouch to keep it pristine. Seemingly made with care, this one is sure to last with the end of one story and the beginning of a new one.

The laminated bookmark is propped up against an intricately decorated bowl and a silver pot. there are various statues and other decorative items in the background. All are sitting on a blue and red tablecloth. Large pink and turquoise stones decorate the center of the bookmark, which looks 3D against a white background. There is small, indecipherable writing on the bookmark behind the stones.

These are only a handful of bookmarks that stopped me in my tracks and made me take a second look. A wonderful discovery for a bookish lover who enjoys seeking out uniquely odd bookmarks. I must say, they’d all be perfect for my collection and dearest bookmark lovers, possibly yours too.

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