10 Stunning Bookmarks To Elevate Your Gift-Giving

Want to gift a bookmark but worried it might be too plain? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 stunning bookmarks that’ll leave your friends in awe.

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Best Bookmarks gift guide

I’ve never understood how people don’t keep their place in a book with bookmarks. Even in elementary school, I loved to pick out fun bookmarks at our Scholastic Book Fair. I was never the type of person to remember the last place I left off, or (god forbid) dog-ear my books. Plus, who wouldn’t want to accessorize their novels with their own personal flair?

The only problem with finding bookmarks? There are almost too many of them! Luckily, Bookstr has you covered. We’ve found some of the most unique and beautiful bookmarks, that it’ll stop your friends from dog-earing their books for good. As a plus, all the bookmarks come from small businesses on Etsy. You can be a gift-giving champion, and help support someone for the holidays. If your friends have expressed interest in getting some new bookmarks, keep reading! We’ve got 10 great picks to wow all of your bookish friends.

1. Round Geode Bookmarks

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Round geode bookmarks.

Do you want to give your friend a true showstopping gift? You should make sure to get them a round geode bookmark. Sold by user Bookartbookmarks, these bookmarks are a true statement piece that will have your friends feeling fancy as they read. Made for any sized book, notebook, or planner, your friends will be able to use these bookmarks for multiple occasions. Even if your friends aren’t interested in crystals and geodes, that’s not a problem! Bookartbookmarks has an impressive catalog of other unique bookmarks that will fit your bookish friend’s taste, whatever it may be. 

Buy these dazzling geode bookmarks here!

Browse through Bookartbookmark’s full collection here!

2. Gothic Skull Bookmark

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Gothic skull bookmark with black ribbon and rose.

For all of your dark academia or gothic friends, this bookmark will fit in with their aesthetic! Finding the best gift for your friend’s taste can be hard, but this bookmark is truly a gothic person’s dream come true! With an eerily haunting skull, matching black rose, and soft black velvet ribbon, this bookmark will be a great addition to your friend’s sense of style. Created by Etsy user, CandysBookThongs, this is a wonderful gift for your friends that enjoy the darker things in life. Whether they read horror, thriller, or mystery books, your friends will surely have a smile on their faces when they see this bookmark. 

Get this gothic skull bookmark here!

Take a deeper look into CandysBookThong’s Shop here!

3. Butterfly Origami Bookmarks

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Butterfly origami bookmark for the corner of the book.

Are your friends inclined to dog-ear their books? Then this gift might come in handy. Have the corners of their books be marked with beauty. Etsy shop, grannyvintagemag, makes the perfect bookmarks for those who are more likely to mark their page by folding over the corner. These handmade origami butterflies will not only deter your friends from dog-earing their books, but they add a wonderful bit of charm to whatever they’re reading. Coming in sets of two, these uniquely designed bookmarks are small enough to fit the pages snuggly while making your friend’s books prettier than ever. 

You can purchase these butterfly origami bookmarks here!

Look through grannyvintagemag’s shop here!

4. Custom Quote Leather Bookmark

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Custom quote leather bookmark with quote on the front.

Is your friend’s style on the simpler side? Then consider gifting them this custom quote leather bookmark. Handmade by Etsy shop, SugarCreekLane, they’ll do whatever they can to make this gift perfect for book lovers everywhere. From 13 different fonts to choose from, you can make sure that your friend’s personal style is engraved for all to see. Engrave their favorite quote or an inspiring message on the front. As a plus, SugarCreekLane will send you a mock-up of the bookmark before they send it off. This ensures that everything is correct before you give it to your bookish friend for the holidays. 

Get this custom quote leather bookmark here!

Find more great bookish gifts at SugarCreekLane’s shop here!

5. Season-Themed Bookmarks

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Season-Themed fall bookmarks
The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Season-Themed winter bookmark.
The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Season-Themed spring bookmark.
The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Seasoned-Theme summer bookmark.

Does your friend have a hard time deciding which bookmark to get? Make the choice a whole lot easier with these season-themed bookmarks! At an extremely affordable price, Etsy shop, RusticPagesCo, has designed a delightful bookmark set to switch out with the changing of the seasons. No longer does your friend have to waste time deciding between two different styles. Changed is encouraged when you own these bookmarks. Inspired by views from RusticPagesCo’s home, these bookmarks will have your friends feeling cozy just in time for the winter season. 

Click here for the fall, winter, spring, and summer designs!

Check out more from RusticPagesCo shop here!

6. Pressed-Flowers Bookmarks

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Pressed flower bookmark. White flowers encased in resin.

This isn’t your ordinary pressed flowers bookmark. Most sellers use lamination paper to set their flowers inside. But not Etsy shop FloralResinTreasures. Instead of using lamination paper, this shop encases its flowers in a protective resin. These gorgeous flowers will never go bad. Included with real pressed flowers, leaves, flecks of glitter for a little bling, and a tassel to pull the whole look together, your green-bookish friends will be fawning over these fantastic bookmarks. 

Purchase an assortment of pressed flower bookmarks here!

Interested in more from FloralResinTreasures? Click here!

7. Cat-Themed Bookmarks

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Cat-Themed bookmark. Black cat on bookmark.

Cats and books. Literally, a match made in heaven. Give the gift of this beautiful combination to your bookish friend for the holidays. Designed and created by TinyVineUS, these bookmarks bring a whimsical and captivating energy. Inspired by stained glass windows, Victorian art, and flowers, these will make an amazing gift for your bookish friends who love these furry little felines. With a multitude of designs, you can get bookmarks in sets of three, six, and nine. A great value for a great gift!

Find these Cat-Themed bookmarks here!

Browse through other handcrafted finds from TinyVineUS here!

8. Crystal Stone Bookmarks

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Crystal stone bookmark. Green crystal bookmark in book.

Many bookmarks take on the same shape. Rectangular, long, and normally made of some type of paper or sturdy material. But if you’re looking for something really different for your bookish friend, then you have to look into getting a crystal stone bookmark. Sold by Etsy shop, ragtrader, these bookmarks will stun your bookish friends. At first glance, it might look like a hairpin, but in actuality, it’s elegantly keeping place in your friend’s book. Customize the bookmark to your friend’s liking with 16 different crystal options. From Serpentine to Rhodonite, your bookish friends will fall for this vintage twist on a bookmark. 

Pick a custom crystal stone bookmark here!

Look at other jewelry and trinkets from ragtrader here!

9. Metal Charm Bookmark

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Metal charm bookmark with a dragon.

Embrace the unusual, especially when it comes to bookmarks. If your friend has a distinctive sense of style, you’ll want to buy them a metal charm bookmark. Made with stainless steel, Etsy shop BelletteWorkshop creates bookmarks that are meant to last. When you look through their shop, you can expect to see a plethora of designs and options for all book lovers. So, if your friends are fantasy fanatics, romance readers, or anything in between, they’re bound to love getting something as unique and thoughtful as this. 

Find this fantasy metal charm here!

Want more of BelletteWorkshop’s creations? Click here!

10. Vintage Library Card Bookmarks

The best bookmarks for any bookish person. Vintage library card bookmark. Real library card laminated.

We’ve saved the best for last with this vintage library card bookmark! And when I say vintage, I mean vintage. Sold by Etsy shop KateyReads, these library cards date back from anywhere between the 1950s-1990s. Your friends can own a piece of literary history with these genuine library cards. Laminated for protection, your friends can rest assured that these library cards will live a long life. Library cards are meant to stay in books, so why not give them another life as a bookmark? I know for a fact this is going on my wishlist! 

Get a vintage library card bookmark before they’re gone, here!

Check out more of KateyReads’ bookmarks here!

I hope that this list convinced you that bookmarks are not a lame gift. They can be a prized possession for your bookish friends. You just have to find ones that are unique in their own ways. No more are the days of dog-earing! Now your friends can own a bookmark they’ll cherish forever while saving the pages of their books. 

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