Bookmarks From Etsy That Will Make You Hurry To Read

Fellow book lovers, the hunt for cute and fun bookmarks is over. Check out these Etsy shops that make bookmarks that have us excited about picking up a book!

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Photo focused on child's hands coloring in a bookmark.

Us book lovers are aware of how hard it can be to find bookmarks that make you actually want to read! Sometimes spending money on something that simple can make us cringe. Therefore, we end up using whatever practical item is around us at a given time (usually receipts). However, with summer and more vacations, reading is going to take up more of our time. Part of the fun is having a bookmark that matches your desired reading experience. While some want to match them to their current read, others might want to reflect their own personality. Here is a list of fun and budget-friendly options to make your reading experience even better!

A Blanket And A Bookmark

Black and white outline logo for A Blanket and a Bookmark; "A Blanket and a Bookmark" written in cursive above a drawing of an open book with flowers blooming from the open page.

Kristina from A Blanket And A Bookmark makes beautiful, themed bookmarks that help to personalize your experience reading a particular book. If you’ve wanted to read A Court of Thorns and Roses, this is your chance! You can match your bookmark to your book; it doesn’t get better than that!

Photo of an open book, showcasing a bookmark.

Home Sweet Crochet Shop

Logo for Home Sweet Crochet Shop; blush pink solid background with initials HSCS in rustic cursive font with a white heart of yarn and crochet needle behind.

If these items don’t scream laidback summer reading to you, I don’t know what will! The crochet fabric of these bookmarks guarantees gentle treatment on your book while also being super cute. These are really unique pieces that will take your reading game to the next level.

Photo of an open book showcasing a crochet sunflower bookmark and a crochet daisy bookmark.

Aethereal Books

Logo of Aethereal Books. Gradient blue-to-gray background with a black outline of a butterfly on top. In the butterfly wings are outlines of various natural desert scenes. "Aethereal" is in a thin, black font over the butterfly.

Calling all tarot card enthusiasts! Sometimes it feels easiest to leave our next read up to the universe. It can be too hard of a choice! Aethereal Books has tarot card bookmarks that can help readers figure out what sort of book they want to read next. These would also be great gifts to push our book-lover friends in the right direction of reading material.

Close-up of The Lovers Tarot Card as a bookmark.

Maple Street Studio HRS

Logo for Maple Street Studio HRS

Fantasy lovers, this one’s for you. Heidi from Maple Street Studio HRS makes metal bookmarks with dangly charms to hang over a book’s spine, perfectly capturing the imaginative nature of fantasy novels. The thin design of the metal allows for a sleek fit and the charm adds a personal touch that you could use to reflect the novel itself. If you use one in public, prepare for people to start conversations about it!

Open box with a thin, gold bookmark inside. The bookmark has a chain of blue flowers and a fairy sitting in a crescent moon hanging from it.

Spicy Apricots

Logo for Spicy Apricots; purple squiggly lines above and below the words "Spicy Apricot", which are in yellow, all capitals, and an easy-to-read font.

Last, but certainly not least, how convenient and adorable are these magnetic bookmarks from Spicy Apricots? There are so many options it can be difficult to pick. No matter what kind of reader you are, you can feel represented with these bookmarks. Plus, they’re so easy to use and collect that you will definitely have to come back for more!

A corner bookmark of a stack of books, with "Already Wondering What To Read Next" along the spines. Bookmarks.

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