What Your Spotify Wrapped Says About Your Reading Habits

Social media is buzzing with people posting their Spotify wrapped characters, but did you know your listening habits may mirror your reading habits? Read on to see what you’re character says about you.

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tarot card showing eye above a piano next to a card with a silhouette containing a a bright spark next to a card with colorful silhouettes facing profile

It’s that time of the year! The time when Spotify calls you out for your listening habits and you learn just how much you played the same song on repeat. Our Spotify-wrapped reveals a lot about our taste, and how we handle art. Many of us may not realize how our listening habits transfer to our reading habits. Read on to see how your Spotify-wrapped character shows what kind of reader you are.


Tarot card showing a person with sparkling fangs wearing a gold chain and cloak on a black background with colorful stripes

As a creature of the night, you embrace the darkness and all that lurks within it. You enjoy books that dive deep emotionally and are not afraid to reveal the world’s darkness. You’re not confined to one genre, but you may choose books that showcase the human experience and are heavy in emotional content. You pick your reads based on how you’re feeling at the moment.


Tarot card showing a blue flash containing green liquid with a hand holding the flash up on a black background with colorful stripes

If you’re an alchemist, you might also be a writer. You like to create as much as you love to read. You thrive creatively, and it shows in your reading choices. You are the perfect person to get a recommendation from as you are constantly organizing books in your mind. Your personal library is most likely meticulously organized to reflect your taste and personality.

Time Traveller

Tarot card showing 2 arrows forming. a circle with 2 legs stepping on to them on a mostly black background with colorful stripes

You are a nostalgic reader who loves to go back and reread your favorites. If you find yourself in a reading slump or need a comfort read, you will always travel back in time to a series that reminded you of your love for reading. You pride yourself in owning copies of your favorite reads and are constantly recommending them to your friends.


Tarot card with a cyclops on it casting colorful light through it's eye on a mostly black background covered in colorful stripes

You are a committed reader who prefers to stick with your favorite genre. Some may call you an expert when it comes to that genre because of how much you focus on it. You know all the major, and upcoming authors within the genres and may be a part of some online reading groups.


A tarot card showing a silhouette with a bright spark in the center of its face  casting light across the card on a mostly black background with colorful stripes

You enjoy happy endings and the warm-fuzzies you get from them. You avoid stories with tragic endings and prefer to read upbeat genres like romance, or contemporary fiction. Your library is colorful, and full of sunshine vibes.


A tarot card showing a cloaked person extending their hands over a orb showing a sunset. Lightning flahes in the background on a solid black background

Your reading list knows no bounds as you refuse to be confined by one genre. You read anything you can get your hands on and are constantly jumping genres. You pride yourself as someone is well-read, and you never fail to challenge yourself.


A tarot card showing a profile silhouette wearing headphones and a screen across the eyes on a mostly black background with colorful stripes

You allow your TBR list to take you anywhere. You’re not someone who extensively plans out your next read as you decide to go with the flow. When someone recommends a similar book. you’re eager to check it out, and allow your TBR to be influenced in the moment.


A tarot card with colorful silhouettes with a profile view on a mostly black background with colorful stripes

You are a passionate reader who shows great dedication once focused on a genre. Your commitment is not permanent, though, as you may binge romance novels before completely switching it up to a sci-fi series. You’re a capricious reader who keeps those around you on their toes as they never know what you’ll be focused on next.


A tarot card showing a womans backpack with a speaker on it as colorful papers fall out of it placed on a mostly black background with colorful stripes

You have faith in what your gut is telling you to read. Your TBR is well thought out as you assembled it with care. You’re not easily influenced by just anyone’s recommendations, as you prefer to spend your reading time on a meaningful book or just one that brings you joy.


A tarot card showing arms wearing purple and pink cameo pulling back a bow and arrow towards the sky on a a cloudy night sitting on a mostly black background with colorful stripes

You’re always on the lookout for your next big read. You will not stick with a book if you’re not enjoying it, as you could easily pick up another one. You will dive in and out of genres, always looking for your next favorite read, and it’s only a matter of time until you find it.


colorful tarot card with bracelet clad arms using their hands to form a heart in front of a drawn heart placed on a mostly black background covered in colorful lines

Once you’re in love with an author, you are committed to their work. You will choose to read all their books and eagerly await the release of their next one. You may prefer to stay within your comfort zone by reading within your favorite genres often. You are likely to join fandom-based groups on social media to find other fanatics.


colorful tarot card with and eye overlooking a piano surrounding by abstract shapes on a mostly black background with colorful lines

You’re a trooper who will throw yourself completely into what you’re reading. You will not change books or stop reading midway. If you begin reading a series, you will devote yourself to it and see it through as you realize there may be something deeper to discover.

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