Relatable Misplaced Book Stories: Bookstr Team Shares

Here are some heartfelt stories from our childhood to adulting lives where we might be snoozy with our head face first in a book.

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person sitting in front of a pile of books with stacks behind her

I don’t know about you, but misplacing your book is pretty usual in our bookish staff. Hey, don’t get mad at us! We are busy bees, and sometimes life gets in the way of things. Whether it’s at the beach, in our beds, under the couch, or maybe your dog ran away with it and mistaken it for a chew toy, I’m sure you have a story of your own!

How on Earth did it get there?

I don’t remember how, but I lost a library book in elementary school. My mom and I tore up the house looking for it, but we couldn’t find it. Eventually, we went to the sofa in our den. She pulled it back, and there it was, resting under the sofa. I still don’t know how it got there.

Danielle Tomlinson

I joined a book club back in high school, and every month, we would get a new book to read. We were meant to return them after the month was over, but I ended up losing mine. I wasn’t sure where it went since it was meant to be in my backpack so I could read it during classes, but luckily for me, nobody noticed I didn’t turn it back in. It wasn’t until I rearranged my bookshelf months later that I realized I sorted it in there like it was my own book. 

Jaiden Cruz, Graphics

Everyone loses certain things while moving, and I’m absolutely no exception. I had read a book in high school. It was actually a book by Stephen Hawking that I remember was two shorter books in one. We moved around the time I graduated high school, and I completely lost track of it. I just told myself that it had to be in storage somewhere and didn’t think twice about it since I already read it. It turned up again after I moved. I have no idea how it ended up there, and I had already bought a second copy!

Madison Coffing, Editorial

Losing Our Books in Sleep

I am notorious for reading a book in bed, falling asleep, and going about my day the next day. And then when I want to read again… WHOOPS! What a surprise! The books are gone! Usually, you’ll find a stack of books that have been knocked to the side of my bed. However, there is still one book that I’ve been missing. And I’m too stubborn to repurchase it. The Song of Snakes and Songbirds was on top of my TBR. I began reading it and was halfway finished when I got busy with work and school. And unfortunately, I have misplaced the bugger, and I don’t know where I last put it.

Sierra Jackson, Editorial

Women sleeping with her book in hand

I am indeed one of those girls who likes to sleep in her bed surrounded by everything she owns. Just this week, I had three books wedged between my body, a pile of clothes, other miscellaneous items (hair brush, deodorant, etc.), and the wall. I awoke to everything strewn about and shoved between the wall and bed. I was, of course, absolutely exasperated. It was nine in the morning! I had dreamt all night about the book and wanted to read it as soon as I woke up. Thankfully they were found; all three books were scattered, and the one I was looking for ended up as my dog’s pillow. 

Olivia Salamone, Editorial 


I was the king of losing things through school. My homework, phone, lunchbox, swimsuit. I even lost a big, highlighter yellow coat! So, of course, I’ve lost a good book or two. Usually, though, small stuff like that would just be buried somewhere deep in the recesses of my bookbag, and I’d be lucky if it made it out without a fold or tear. I promise I’ve gotten better!

Kaitlyn Gardineer, Editorial

I have temporarily misplaced my book under a pillow, a blanket, the bedsheets, the couch cushion, and even another chair next to the sofa where I was reading on many occasions. I have “lost/misplaced” my bookmark just as many times. Sometimes I forget where I stored a particular book since they don’t all fit on my bookshelf. 

Christina Hardesty, Graphics 

Stolen Dreams and Misplaced Borrows

I wouldn’t say I have misplaced or lost a book since I’m usually good with keeping my books and other things safe (my belongings have, in very few instances, been stolen but never lost or misplaced). I have, however, on a few occasions shared my books with people and ended up forgetting who the borrowers were. Sadly, they were either dishonest folks or possibly forgot themselves where they got the books from, and I’ve had to virtually bid those beloved books goodbye. *sniffs* Ever since, if you request borrowing a book from me, you’ll hear a polite “no, get your own or go to a library.” :)

Dhaara Thakkar, Editorial

passing a book to someone, a group of people at a desk

I have not misplaced or lost a book in my life. I am always careful with my books because they are important and special to me. However, I have let other people borrow my books, but they sometimes get stolen. The books are either “lost,” or that person keeps forgetting to give them back. In one instance, I lent a book to a family member, and she bent it out of shape and kept it. It is still on her bookshelf to this day! I have made peace with this transgression, even though it hurts to see it. But I now politely say, “No, go to the library or get your own book,” whenever someone asks.

Emalee Pennington, Editorial

And this is just goddamn adorable.

I have a few books that I own two copies of, usually due to there being different covers, or I finally got my hands on a hardback after already having purchased the paperback. When I went to reorganize my shelves, I couldn’t find the extra copies anywhere. I talked to my husband a few hours later, and he told me he moved them to the camper so I had something to read besides my Kindle when they drug me out to go camping. 

Kristi Eskew, Editorial

It’s okay to lose a book. Just remember, it will cost a pretty penny if you do it often and want to replace them. For more articles like this, click here!