Read Webtoon ‘Blue’ A Ghostly High School Friendship

Prepare for a light hearted look into the past of a high school girl who can see ghosts. Enjoy the beautiful color palette of blue pastels and greys.

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What’s a high school Webtoon read without any ghosts? The fall season is around the corner, but you may not be in the mood for spooky. Blue is a comic that has beautiful blue pastel color styles (maybe that’s why the Webtoon is called that). Created by kennysaty and updated every Tuesday, the story follows a girl who can see ghosts. A high school drama with some thrills and reflections on the past and present.

Blue: Ghostly Plot


The bridge between the living and the dead is disrupted. Juni is an outcast at her new school, she is fine with that. Suddenly a ghost will change her school life. Despite being a ghost, Jimmy understands her. At first, she ignores him, but when he disappears she is longing for the company that she took for granted. Based on how the storyline is, it seems they are delving into the past in order to figure out what happened to Jimmy, while the adult Juni is reflecting on it.




Juni isn’t exactly social. She lives with her cousin and her parents passed. When going to school one day a train incident occurred right in front of her and it traumatized her. Juni has a reputation as a freak and she doesn’t mind being alone. She can see ghosts and Jimmy is the first who looks human. She ignores him but gets used to him spending time with her, understanding her, and going along with her intentions with others. Through Jimmy, an unlikely friendship occurs with Bebeng and later Sam.



Not much can be said right now about Jimmy. His death is still a mystery and we do not know when or how he disappears. But through Juni’s reflection on her childhood, we will soon find out. He takes a liking to Bebeng and plays video games. He stays over at Juni and Bebeng’s houses. He is trying to figure out his own death and has kept Juni company during her transition in school and helped her with her shenanigans.



His real name is Ahmed, but the nickname Bebeng just stuck. He was high school class president and very studious. He would study and sometimes play video games. Juni and Bebeng were neighbors. At first, Juni had ill intentions toward him but they soon grew up as friends together. He believed she could see ghosts, and although she denied it she eventually told him. Although he was terrified, he got along with Jimmy and became comfortable. Now as an adult he is a lawyer with a wife and child.



He goes by Sam and he was considered popular and fangirled over. He loved his motorbike and was a close friend of Bebeng. They got even closer when he came over often and would ask questions about Juni’s gift of seeing ghosts. Although she never gave in to having that conversation soon it became a routine to see her visit and hang out with the two. Now as an adult it seems he may be sleep deprived and is a musician. At a young age he played guitar, especially played it after his brother passed away.

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