Read Webtoon ‘Mistake’ Can A High School Marriage Work?

What if your arranged marriage was the only thing that can save you? They both have no choice, and must conquer adulthood too early. Will they learn to love each other?

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A high school drama Webtoon created by Honeytoast and art by Cindy Chwa. Mistake is a romance about two students who unexpectedly get wrapped in a secret and must get married. This comic romance updates every Tuesday.

Mistake: The Plot


Kana and Arya see something while studying for a math competition. They see classmate Melinda and the headmaster’s son, Nico, recording an intimate encounter in the library. Nico sees them and puts their name on the video and uploads it. Now both reputations are a mess and the families decide the kids should be married. As a married couple with a scandalous reputation, they must get along and navigate their marriage now that they are teen newlyweds. Will they learn to trust each other and figure out adulthood hurdles?

Meet the Newlyweds



She was in a math competition in high school and had excellent grades. Her personality is sweet and a bit gullible, she’s likable and was seen as innocent by her peers. However, the fake scandal painted her to be wild with an innocent baby face. She has taken this drastic change in stride. Her mother has high expectations and traditional values. Her intention was to marry off her daughter and make her a housewife. But Kana has dreams of getting an education and even going to college. Melinda was her friend and is slowly learning of the dark reality of people’s intentions. She does have feelings for Arya, from the start he was kind, but being a ‘housewife’ is a learning process, but she wants to do things her own way as an ‘adult’.



Arya has several siblings and neglectful parents. They care about reputation and although they are kind to him, they fill his head with toxic masculinity and forced him to propose to Kana for marriage. Although he doesn’t mind marrying Kana, he seems to hold back his emotions when it comes to being sensitive and upset. He now has to find a job and only provide for their new living arrangements. When getting a job he discovers a toxic work environment and how its a ‘dog eat dog’ world.

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