‘Phone Addict’: Her Obsession Becomes a Human!

A phone that becomes human? Damu Ju is obsessed with her phone. When it turns into a cute boy, her high school life changes.

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We are on our phones so much that you’d think they were another person. Reality depicts that we spend more time on our phones this century rather than have true human connections. What if our screen time became socializing? Phone Addict is a Webtoon with a creative twist, when her phone can turn human! Creator HD updates this Webtoon every Saturday.

Phone Addict: Plot


Do you ever find yourself glued to your phone all day? Damu Ju is a third-year student at high school with a severe attachment to her smartphone. It’s the oldest model, and she has had it for ten-plus years. She wants to graduate with no issues, but when her smartphone transforms into a cute boy, who can function as a phone, you start to wonder if you’re on the screen too much.

Damu Ju


Damu has an old phone she uses because it reminds her of her mother. With a single dad who works a lot, she spends most of her time on her phone. She doesn’t have the best grades, and her goals are to get a higher score, date, and hopefully visit her mom. She doesn’t have any friends, so her phone is basically her best friend. But when her phone magically comes to life, Damu sees this as an opportunity to have a companion by her side. Little by little, she wants to improve, even if she denies it. Sitting next to Yeonu may be a nightmare, but a friendship could brew. Will she be able to focus on the trauma behind the phone and not have so much screen time?

Zell Ju


He is Damu’s phone. He can change into both phone and a human whenever he wants. Zell doesn’t have many expressions, but he has all the features of her phone. Damu can take phone calls from his hand. He can have screens above his head to view content and take pictures with his eyes. When he notices her notes on her phone with a list of goals, he makes it his job to help her achieve them.



Yeonu is seen as popular and a little annoying. When he decides to sit next to loner Damu, his life changes. She is obsessed with her phone and treats him poorly. But at least she isn’t fake. His past experience being a trainee has made him a center of attention for the wrong people, Chaebin. Although his grades suck, he can at least suffer with Damu. As they both try to receive tutoring from Yu Jeong, at least it’s fun. They may bicker, but he doesn’t mind it. Can she see him for his true personality?



The only word to describe her is clingy. She is clingy towards Yeonu, who has no interest in her. She seems to know his past or was close to him at one point for the wrong reasons. She is sweet and kind towards him, but everyone else gets treated poorly. When she discovers that Damu sits next to him in class, immediately without thinking, she becomes jealous and starts targeting her. Will she ever get the hint or change her behavior?

Yu Jeong


She is bullied for her intelligence. Yet, she is sweet, kind, and pretty. She has a boyfriend and is at the top of the class. She is surprised when Damu asks for tutoring lessons. They form a bond when Damu notices her phone case is from the Korean pop group Day Kids collection.

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