Moon Knight Season 2 Hype Rises with Emmy Win, D23 Expo

Fresh speculation for the second season of Moon Knight is stirring after an Emmy win last weekend. Is there a future for the fan-favorite series?

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Marvel fans have been feeling cautiously optimistic since Moon Knight‘s Emmy win on Saturday. While the win itself garners well-deserved praise for the series’ sound editing, the award in question was for “A Limited or Anthology Series, Movie, or Special”. It’s that ‘limited’ part that’s got fans worried. With a reference to Moon Knight having been removed from Marvel’s newest Disney+ series, She-Hulk, concerns abound about the future of the show. Ahead of the D23 Expo, fans are holding their breath in hope of good news.

One Thing’s For Sure: Nothing’s For Sure


While nothing has been set in stone, there are a number of rumors going around that Season 2 of Moon Knight is in the works. Disney insider Daniel Richtman told Geek Vibes Nation as much on Twitter, according to BGR. This is following a TikTok showing Oscar Isaac and the show’s director Mohammad Diab in Cairo, presumably there to shoot the second season. “Why else would we be in Cairo?” Isaac asks in the TikTok posted by user @hayaattiaaa.


But any proof of the return of Moon Knight has only been speculation… so far. The D23 Expo is returning after skipping 2021, with promises of more information regarding Phase 5 of the MCU. The full list of releases in Phase 5 was announced by Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con back in July. The vague nature of Marvel’s announcements for Phase 6 bodes well for Moon Knight‘s future. There are still many titles that haven’t been confirmed for this phase, which should begin around 2024. Considering that the release schedule for Phase 5 has been all but set in stone, fans should be focused on that timeframe for more Moon Knight content.

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While the first season ended on a cliff hanger, Moon Knight‘s classification as a limited series as well as Marvel’s patterns with previous Disney+ shows indicate that it has reached it’s conclusion. Like WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, these set-up stories appear to be wrapped up neatly to return in later projects.

D23: What to Expect


The Marvel Studios panel is slated for September 10th, and with the little information we’ve been given regarding Phase 6, an announcement involving Moon Knight is likely. The announced Disney+ show Secret Invasion will likely establish the overarching plot through Phase 5 and 6, based off of the ambitious cross-over comic of the same name. In this long-running series, the Skrulls (the shape-shifting aliens in Captain Marvel) infiltrate Earth and attempt to take it over, posing as a number of beloved heroes.

Additionally, Dark Reign is the climactic ending to this arc, and includes a storyline wherein Moon Knight returns. He’s faked his own death and his dominant personality has been taken over by Jake Lockley, which is right where the Disney+ show left off.

Following the end of Secret Invasion is the “Heroic Age” in Marvel comic lore, which introduces the Secret Avengers. And who is a member of this new team of Avengers? Moon Knight.

With Avengers: Secret Wars as the finale to Phase 6, it could serve as the climax to the Secret Invasion storyline, if not an expansion based on the series of the same title. If this is true, Moon Knight’s involvement is not only likely, he may become a major player in the Avengers franchise.


Has Season 2 Been Snapped?

Whether or not the Disney+ series will continue, Disney and Marvel refuse to say. While the comics show great potential for Moon Knight’s relevance in future projects, it is important to remember that the MCU has never followed the original plotlines word for word. So fans will simply have to clutch their pearls in hopes that all will be revealed this weekend. Nevertheless, based on where the MCU is heading, the canon provides a boatload of evidence that Mark Spector/Steven Strange will be playing a significant role.
So dry your tears, Oscar Isaac stans!