What Would Make Books the Same Price as an iPhone

Pretend e-books and reading tablets don’t exist. What exactly could make traditional books sell at the same price as one of the world’s leading technologies?

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Each new iPhone reveals features we didn’t even know we wanted or needed. Larger screens, fewer buttons, smarter and faster artificial intelligence. They get more advanced with each generation. Books, on the other hand, are consistent: book covers, paper, ink, and that great book smell. Of course, we have e-books and tablets made specifically for reading, but for the most part, people tend to enjoy the physical act of reading. But with the new iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Ultra upon us, it makes sense to wonder how books would be sold if they were created and priced similarly to these new gadgets.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are currently priced at $799 and $899. Respectively, they have a 6.1-inch display and a 6.7-inch display, better camera quality in low light than previous versions, and the longest battery life yet. The newest Apple Watch is marketed toward athletes and very active people. It’s also priced at $799 and includes a titanium case, 36-hour battery life, three wrist bands (one for hiking, one for running, and one for water sports or diving), and is water-resistant.

Now taking a look at books, it doesn’t seem like much could make a modern-day book worth anywhere near the $800 this technology is. But fear not, we’ve reimagined how books can be sold to reach new heights.

It could come packed in a sleek box with all the accessories


Part of the ordeal of making Apple purchases is the satisfying and beautiful packaging. Something about how smooth and carefully packed the products are makes the unboxing part of the experience. Add that to any book and the act of unwrapping the book itself is enough to add a couple of bucks to the price. Not to mention, the number of accessories that would come with the book. Let’s take a look at what those might be.

Gold-plated book covers or gold-lined pages


Yes, we’re talking real gold. Beyond the beautiful words on the pages, the books themselves would become works of art before even flipping them open.

Water-resistant pages that still feel like paper

This sounds like we’re just asking for plastic or laminated pages. Any book-lover would know, however, that lamination is actually more destructive to paper than it is protective. Instead, these reimagined books would contain some new technology where the pages still feel like regular pages but deflect water as well as our favorite raincoat.

Noise-canceling headphones with a reading light attached

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You might argue that this isn’t the most fashionable of book accessories. And you would be correct. But are you really trying to be fashionable when you’re caught up in a steamy romance or an action-packed fantasy world? You’ll hopefully be more concerned with what you’re reading than what’s on your head. Plus, you’ll be thankful when it’s 2 a.m. and you have your headphones and reading light ready to go.

High-quality bookmarks 


These are easily found in small businesses and even large, well-known retailers, but hardly do you see them sold with a book. The bookmark would be made of something like titanium, stained glass, or an intricate and one-of-a-kind design to make it unique to you. Imagine unboxing your favorite book series that is already water-resistant, comes with noise-canceling headphones and a reading light, and still finding the most beautiful bookmark you’ve ever seen. This would so be worth the hundreds of dollars.

Magnetic, swappable book covers 

For personalization, the box would also include magnetic book covers. Some might be fun designs, perhaps others have various versions of the original cover on them. Whatever the case, personalization makes anything more fun and would definitely make the book experience much more exciting.

Page holder


There’s nothing more annoying than sitting or laying in the most comfortable position and then ruining it by having to shift to hold the book open with both hands. A page holder would solve this issue and better yet, a weighted page holder means you could go completely hands-free.

Several copies of the book with every cover in circulation 

Some books have different covers in different countries. And sometimes, foreign covers are more beautiful or just nice to have in your collection. Including several versions of the novel of your choosing in this box would make the purchase worth it.

Perhaps you can think of more accessories that would make an $800 to $900 range worth the money. A tote bag or small bookcase could round out the purchase. Whatever the case, it’s fascinating to think about what could make one of the oldest mediums in the world worth the same amount of money as the newest technology.

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