LOVEPHOBIA: A Sweet College Romantic Comedy

LOVEPHOBIA is a romance comedy Webtoon about two college students who meet under strange circumstances and become something more.

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Ready for a new romance Webtoon that starts with a strange encounter? Creators Decchu and Monzu, also known as Lova❤Doki introduce LOVEPHOBIA a sweet college romantic comedy. New updates occur every week or two so patience is key.



Dion is a reserved college student who is trying to focus on his passions. He recently received praise from his university for being the runner-up in an international photography contest. Now the spotlight is on him and the girls are noticing. He hasn’t been suave with girls, so he does his best to avoid them. He perceives them as leeches who come on too strong and have gone to great lengths to talk to and date him.

When meeting Cinta, he thought she was just like them but she’s far from it. Her stubbornness and kind nature soon make him really see her. With a crush lingering every time he is with her, he doesn’t know how to process this new feeling.

Meet the Characters



Dion is an amazing photographer but he isn’t interested in receiving the Class of International Program Scholarship for photography. He usually turns down opportunities for high achievement, it’s been like that since high school. He has a high passion for photography that he gets from his father who has passed away. He has a mother who coddles him a bit and is a health nut. Dion just wants a peaceful college life. But his life turns upside down when Cinta pops into his life.

At first, he mistook her for a stalker, but it’s quite the opposite. She was avoiding him. She wants to pay him back for the times he has helped her without knowing and makes lunch for him every day. Now that he spends more time with her, he starts to notice how cute her smile is and her kindness. Will he admit that he is crushing on her?


Cinta- against-a-door

Cinta was just trying to help a cat who was stuck in a tree. After many attempts, the cat wouldn’t go down. Next thing you know, she has to hide from a random stranger who she thought was a food delivery guy, just so she can escape the tree. However, the tree branch broke and she fell, leaving her unconscious in the infirmary. In another incident, she forgot to pay the cafeteria bill and it was taken care of. She soon found out that the person who helped her and paid for her food is Dion, the ‘famous’ runner-up for the photography contest on campus.

Having no clue who he is, she is embarrassed and wants to repay him. But Dion immediately suspects her of being a stalker. Being a stubborn girl, she demands he let her explain and ends up wanting to repay him by making his favorite dish. His distant demeanor soon washes away the more they communicate and spend time together. But when one of her roommates thinks he may like her, she can’t wrap her head around it. She has always pined after her upperclassman Devano. Can she have a change of heart?



Amira saved Dion from a mob of fangirls and has become a new friend. She majors in computer science and shares a few classes with Dion. It’s hard to say if she has any romantic interest in him; however, she has bought him lunch and enjoys their conversations. Right now, she is a minor character but can soon become an important part of this story.



Devano is a computer science major and upperclassman to Cinta. He is a leader and met Cinta when she was late to her first class. She has looked up to him ever since and developed a crush. We don’t know if he is interested in her or just focused on his studies. He is a minor character but referenced throughout, knowing Dion and his friends.

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