Read ‘Daybreak’ As Your Next Romance Webtoon

The Webtoon romance recommendation of the day is Daybreak, it’s drama free and filled with high school slow burn romance that will have you gushing.

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Hello readers, I am back with another romance recommendation! Instead of drama, we are going the simple sweet route. A wholesome slice-of-life Webtoon to check out is the newest comic called Daybreak. The two main characters are so aesthetically gorgeous and sweet, this slow-burn high school romance will have you swooning at their antics. Creator Moosopp updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Daybreak Plot

Marcus and Cog from 'Daybreak'

Marcus has a crush on Cog, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious. He just wants to get to know him first. Cog is unprepared for the hijinx that follows after befriending Marcus. As they both get closer, hopefully, they can brighten each other’s day. A wholesome high school romance that is slow-burning and adorable to its core.


Image of Marcus from 'Daybreak'

When you first see Marcus, he has such a bubbly personality and is very kind. He can get shy among strangers but wants to make new friends. His aesthetic is anything honey-colored. He has gorgeous locks for hair and goes for bold clothing when outside of school. He has developed feelings for Cog and tries his best to become close friends. He makes Cog lunches and tries to learn more about their likes and dislikes. Little does he know, Cog is becoming aware of their own feelings.


Image of Cog from 'Daybreak'

Cog hasn’t talked to Marcus before but knows the guy is nice. He is a gentle giant. Cog realizes the effort Marcus puts into everything, including becoming their friend. They soon have a routine and learn more about each other slowly. They soon notice their adorable smile and how kind they are when it comes to making lunch preferences. Soon they realize they just have to see them for their day to be brighter. Is this a crush?

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