‘The Kiss Bet’: High School Webtoon Romance

Get ready for a romance drama that will have you wondering why there are so many bets. Witness Sara Lin navigate her senior year in high school over not having her first kiss. Read ‘The Kiss Bet’ on Webtoon

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Webtoon has done it again with another Romance comic called The Kiss Bet. It’s a simple high school romance drama series with plenty of bets going around. Creator Ingrid Ochoa updates this Webtoon every Saturday. The Kiss Bet is currently on season three so be prepared for the drama and romance.

The Kiss Bet Plot


It’s senior year and Sara Lin just turned eighteen. She has close friends and a father that loves her. But having her first kiss seems to be the only thing on her to-do list. But all that could change when her best friend Patrick challenges her to a bet that could lead her to embarrassment, awkward moments, heartbreak, love, or all of the above.

The Kiss Bet Characters

Sara Lin


Sara is a senior and she is struggling with her math tests and homework. She has her best friends Patrick and cousin Vicky at her side. But for some reason, she can’t get past the fact she hasn’t kissed anyone yet. When going to the subway station Patrick makes her do a kiss bet which leads her to meet her future math tutor Oliver. At first, it was awkward asking a random stranger to kiss you and have it be a high school junior, it made their relationship rocky. She couldn’t get into studying. What’s worse a new student came into class and he’s the handsome perfect Joe, who happens to be Oliver’s stepbrother. To add to her predicament, she is realizing she may have old feelings for Patrick from her confession years ago, and he may like her back. With all this romance and love in the air, who has time to focus on studying? However, despite all the highs and lows, at least Oliver and her have a newfound friendship and understanding.

Patrick Gong


Sara’s best friend since Freshman year of high school. He is seen as really goofy and jokes way too much. He may come off as odd or arrogant but he is a true friend. He has recently acknowledged he has had a crush on Sara for a long while but has never shown it. Despite Sara’s confession in the past, they have a strong friendship, but will he want something more?

Vicky Lin


Vicky is Sara’s best friend and cousin. Although she goes to a different school you can tell Sara and Patrick have a huge history of friendship. She is the practical one who is kind and has a tough demeanor when it comes to giving her friends advice and standing up for them. She puts other people first before herself. She also has a lingering crush on Joe as well.

Joe Yang


Joe is the new transfer student at Sara’s school and happens to sit in front of her during class. He is very handsome and likes to help and encourage all those around him. He is considerate and understanding when it comes to his friends, family, and new acquaintances. He is Oliver’s older stepbrother, and he looks out for Oliver whenever he can. He also encourages Oliver to contact their Mom and reconcile. He enjoys helping at the Newspaper club and gets along great with Sara, Vicky, Patrick, and others. He has a lingering interest in Vicky and Sara.

Oliver Yang


Oliver is a junior and half-brother to Joe. He is Sara’s math tutor and has a very reserved attitude. He likes to keep to himself and focus on his studies. Although he has a sister and brother, his relationship with his mother is very intense and damaged. He left home and is renting a place with Joe, which happens to be across the hall from Sara. Despite their awkward meeting of the kiss bet, he has disregarded that and in his own way, steered Sara into concentrating on her studies. At first, they didn’t get along but now they have grown closer. He used to be in a band and he is also part of the Newspaper Club (not willingly). It’s hard to say if romance will bloom or not between Sara.

Tammy Yokoyama


Tammy is friends with Sara and Patrick, but not as close. She is seen in their class and having lunch with the duo. She is usually reserved and shy however her feelings for Patrick are clear. She has always complimented him and supported him without him recognizing or acknowledging it. She is envious of Sara’s relationship with him and wants to be the girl noticed. Although timid and intelligent, her passion is obvious.



LuLu is one of Sara’s friends since she was a freshman in high school. They grew apart because she found her clique who share her common interests. She is seen wearing dark makeup and clothing and is really into witchcraft, shamanism, and spiritual arts. She can predict the future, make potions, is into astrology, and tarot cards. People come to her for advice and usually can find her in the janitor’s closet. She may be a minor character but she is in the Newspaper Club and has given advice to many of the high school students including Tammy, Sara, and Patrick.

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