Lin-Manuel Miranda Cast as Hermes in the ‘Percy Jackson’ Disney+ Series

Rick Riordan shares news that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be Hermes. This casting will bring some slight changes to the portrayal of the storyline in the TV show.

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As the Percy Jackson show continues filming to prepare for its release in 2024 on Disney+, casting news has been dropping during it all. They seem to share casting news for each character whenever the character appears in the story. It gives fans a good indication of how far along in the story they’ve filmed so far. The most recent news involves Lin-Manuel Miranda! Keep reading to find out everything we know so far.

However, Rick Riordan’s recent announcement on his blog has thrown everyone for a slight loop. He teased all fans of the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series about having to walk an extremely long hallway to receive some exciting casting news. He definitely left many demigods on the edge of their seats anticipating his next blog post.

And oh my gods, have we got some news for you! After the trio, the most anticipated casting news is probably the gods and goddesses and we are getting them, slowly but surely. The first god cast was Jason Mantzoukas as Dionysus then Adam Copeland, or The Edge, as Ares. Now the show has found its next immortal, Hermes. 

Riordan finally shared in a quick blog post that Lin-Manuel Miranda will play Hermes, the messenger god and god of travelers, merchants, and thieves.


Lin-Manuel Miranda is famously known for the broadway musical, Hamilton, and also worked on soundtracks for Disney’s Moana and Encanto

Rick Riordan comments on the casting

As a fan of his work, Riordan couldn’t think of a more perfect Hermes than Miranda as he writes,

“Once we’d written the script and had Hermes’ lines, I could not get Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice out of my head. I knew he would be the perfect person to bring Hermes to life in all his complex glory. I figured it was a long shot. Lin-Manuel is a busy guy! But with our show runners’ encouragement, I sent him a note saying, “Hey, you ever felt like being a god for a couple of days?”  To my delight, he was excited to join the Percy Jackson family. His son even provided him with some background reading on Hermes to prep him for the part. I love junior Classicists!”

Rick Riordan,

Undoubtedly, Riordan expressed multiple times how he aims to ensure the Disney+ series is as accurate as possible to the books. Therefore, he reassured fans that despite Hermes not appearing until The Sea of Monsters, the second book in the series, his appearance early on in the show is necessary to the storytelling. He explains they’re “adding new glimpses of backstory, Easter eggs, and other nuances to enhance the narrative while remaining true to the original” and it’s primarily why introducing Hermes early will make sense.

Therefore, we wonder how Lin-Manuel Miranda will portray Hermes in the show. Charlie Bushnell, who was cast as Luke Castellan, even shared the news on his Instagram story. We also can’t help but gush over this funny interaction between Miranda and his demigod son on Instagram.

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