Which Cappuccino Flavor Are You Based On Your Favorite Fictional Genre?

There’s no coffee without books! To celebrate National Cappuccino Day, find out which flavor best aligns with your favorite genre.

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It’s National Cappuccino Day! This traditional coffee is always delicious and can be made even better with a variety of flavors. Of course, we book lovers can’t live without coffee, so celebrate this day to the fullest and discover which flavor you are!

1. Horror/Thriller

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, a cinnamon-flavored cappuccino is for you. This warm, woodsy flavor has a hint of spice and is perfect for lovers of thrill and surprise. Of course, this flavor is also typically associated with fall. I’m willing to bet that if you love reading horror and thrillers, you love spooky season and delve into all the traditions. I know I do.

2. Science Fiction

If you love science fiction, you probably enjoy a classic flavor with a little bit of everything–something salty and sweet and gooey all at once–much like the books you love, which tend to have it all. I’m talking aliens, space, flying cars, robots–you know what I mean. For that, caramel is the way to go.

3. Young Adult

As a Young Adult reader, you’re looking for something reliable and versatile. You want something you know will keep your attention, but that you can still experiment with. Like YA, vanilla is a dependable flavor that you know you will enjoy. Also, like the broad genre, you can change it up all you want: combine it with other flavors, try it in different drinks, etc. No matter what, you know it will always be a good flavor for you to return to.

4. Fantasy


If you enjoy deep, elaborate fantasy novels, you’re probably looking for something unique. You want to be surprised, to be intrigued. For that, I recommend none other than a peppermint-flavored cappuccino. This sweet, refreshing flavor with a cooling aftertaste is complex and sure to keep you enthralled.

5. Classics


Of course, if you’re a lover of classic novels, you probably tend to love a classic cappuccino. No fancy flavorings–just espresso, milk, foam, and maybe some sugar or sweetener. Cozied up in a little coffee shop, a classic cappuccino in your hand and a Charles Dickens or Jane Austen book in your lap . . . sounds like a perfect day to me.

6. Mystery


For the lovers of mystery, chocolate is the flavor for you. It’s rich and inviting, so good you simply can’t put it down. Sound familiar? Readers of intriguing and compelling mystery novels will love this classic, dark, and addicting flavor.

7. Romance

If you love a good romance book, you might want something light and refreshing. I’m talking Book Lovers by Emily Henry, The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, etc. If this sounds like you, fruity flavors like raspberry are probably the way to go. Flavors like these are fresh, surprising, and not too heavy. The perfect cappuccino for lovers of romantic reads.

8. Historical Fiction

Historical fiction lovers would most likely love a good hazelnut Cappuccino. This sweet, nutty flavor is yummy and reliable enough that you can always depend on it. Yet, although it is dependable, it’s still different and not at all boring–much like your favorite genre.

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