‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Episode 1 Title Revealed

It’s time for one last trip to the Upside Down. Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ revealed the title for the Season 5 premiere episode.

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Season 5 Episode 1 title revealed

Everyone get ready for one last trip to the Upside Down! The official Stranger Things Instagram account revealed the script cover and title for the Season 5 premiere episode. It is safe to say we are all anxious to see the culmination of this iconic sci-fi saga. Keep reading to find out everything we know so far about the upcoming season.

The Stranger Things Instagram account gave us all a look at what is to come for the highly anticipated Season 5 on the cover of a script. The season premiere is titled “Chapter One: The Crawl,” written by none other than the Duffer Brothers.


Thinking back to previous seasons, this title definitely feels vague. Are they crawling out of something? Towards something? Away from something? If we think back to the chaos that was the two-hour-long Season 4 finale, it could have something to do with the entire Upside Down being released. These are all just theories, of course.

The writing for the final season began back in August, so we know things are developing quickly. The hit Netflix series also took to Instagram to showcase some fan love. See the original video below.


Collider spoke with the Duffer Brothers about what we can all expect from the upcoming final season. While Season 4 showed us different locations like Russia and California, Season 5 will be spent primarily in Hawkins. Oh, and let’s not forget the town’s new Upside Down. Another big reveal reported by Collider is that we will finally learn what exactly the Upside Down is. Has anyone else been wondering? I definitely have, especially after Vecna’s appearance. Ross Duffer comments:

“The big reveals that are coming in Season 5 are really about the Upside Down itself.”

Ross Duffer, Collider

News on production?

We know the writing for Season 5 is underway, but what about production? According to sources, production won’t begin until sometime in 2023, but no official announcement has been made. If we think about previous seasons, we can probably expect Season 5 sometime in 2024… Let’s try not to think about how long that is.

While we wait for the final season, enjoy this picture. This might just be the coolest photo I’ve ever seen, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Stranger Things Season 5 Episode 1 title premiere: Netflix image cr. Cyril Masson / Netflix
cr. Cyril Masson / Netflix

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