Let’s Talk About The HBO Max ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion Errors

‘Harry Potter’ fans were quick to point out two massive errors in the HBO Max special, leading the streaming service to upload a new version of the reunion.

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Is it just me or is finding errors in published material extremely thrilling? Finding an error can make you feel like you’re a part of a secret club that not everyone knows about. Well, when the club is as big as the Harry Potter fandom, perhaps the secret isn’t so small. Whether you have watched the reunion or not, chances are you’ve heard about the two big mistakes found in the special. And fans would not let HBO Max hear the end of it.

Error #1: Emma Watson or No?


Producers confirmed a major error was made after fans spotted that a photo of a “toddler Emma Watson
was actually an Instagram by fellow actor, Emma Roberts (of American Horror Story fame). The swap led to a gaggle of hilarious tweets and comments on Roberts’s Instagram photo from 2012.

Error #2: Which Weasley?


George Weasley himself caught this next flub while watching the reunion. Turns out, people still confuse Oliver Phelps for his brother, James! The twins are interviewed multiple times throughout the special, but during one interview, their names are mysteriously swapped! Fellow Hogwarts alumni Tom Felton commented on the photo by cheekily taking the blame, and Matthew Lewis stepped in to express his amusement.

Since these mistakes were brought to the mainstream media, HBO Max has re-uploaded the Harry Potter special. Technically, this means that a new version of the special is live on the streaming service, so should we all go for a re-watch? I’m dying to see what photo they used of Emma Watson!

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