‘This Fluffy Love’: Status And Appearance Don’t Define You

‘This Fluffy Love’ is a webtoon that is about not judging status and appearances. Two boys who are from different worlds come together in this lgbtq romance and slice of life comic.

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Webtoon This Fluffy Love is a cute, adorable boy love comic that focuses on the status of someone in a higher class and has a reputation that is dangerous and the appearance of a beauty. However, in this colorful and black-and-white Webtoon, we get to explore two young men who find themselves caring beyond the superficial titles in life. The creator Papadamn updates this romance and slice of life Webtoon on Sundays.

This Fluffy Love: The Plot


There are always misbehaved delinquents at school. Ashen is one of them. His father is a politician and Ashen can get away with anything. Sarith wants a peaceful high school life, he avoids Ashen at all costs. But nothing seems to be working. All these forced situations have him spending time with the infamous delinquent, but soon he sees a completely different side to Ashen.

The Two Main Characters



Sarith is just a kind student whose goal is to get good grades and hang out with his friends Jehan and Adhil. He wants a quiet high school life with no drama or issues. He was raised in a home with two loving parents with good home values and love. He has such positive energy and gives people the benefit of the doubt. He is a peacemaker and loves to encourage his friends to try new things. He is very studious and takes his schooling seriously. Upon meeting Ashen, he began to understand that he isn’t who people think he is. He attempts to bring him into his social circle and get him out of his delinquent ways.



Ashen is the son of a politician in his town. His father practically owns the school. He hangs out with the wrong crowd who take advantage of his status and he just lets it happen. He is neglected at home and is seen as the most beautiful delinquent. He knows people will take advantage and he acts out and becomes spoiled. Teachers and students fear him. He is completely alone. Even though his young stepmom reaches out, he can’t bring himself to form a connection. However, when riding on the bus one day, he meets Sarith, a selfless kind soul. He never expected to be drawn by him, but suddenly he can relax and be vulnerable. His body acts accordingly and he clings to Sarith and craves a true friendship.

This Fluffly Love shows how Ashen’s appearance and status give him a negative reputation. You should never judge someone based on their looks or how much money they have. Their actions speak volumes, in this case, his true actions towards Sarith. If you want more romance and slice of life Webtoon, or any other Webtoon recommendations go check out Bookstr on Wednesdays for updates.