‘Maid for Hire’: I Have to Work for Mister Perfect!

‘Maid for Hire’ is a Webtoon romance about two nemesis who know their big secrets. Alex acts like mister perfect playboy, while Andrea is hardworking popular ‘rich’ girl. What will happen when they come to an agreement?

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The Webtoon Romance Maid for Hire was created by Demonicblackcat and art is done by Erry Juhana. This Webtoon comic updates every Thursday. Can a hardworking young woman who appears rich work for mister perfect who is rich and arrogant? You’ll have to read and see.

Maid for Hire: The Plot


Andrea is popular and well liked but she has a big secret: she works as a maid in a mansion owned by her nemesis Alex. Alex is a rich playboy, mister perfect, at least that’s what people at school think. Alex’s big secret: he has very very few true friends. Will the hot-headed maid help resuce the lonely rich boy in distress?

The Maid for Hire Main Characters



She is a very popular student in high school. All the girls admire her work ethic and beauty and sportsmasnhip. Many guys have tried to ask her out but she rejects them. She is a really great friend and loves to treat everyone with kindness and help them out. She is tough as nails and has strong values when it comes to women. However, the only time she shows her aggression is when the most popular arrogant player keeps breaking her friends hearts. Everytime her friend gets dumped she has to take care of them for a week or more. It’s not that she doesn’t care about them, its just a constant repetitive cycle. Despite his rejection all her friends still adore him and there is no hard feelings, none. Andrea finds that impossibly shocking when he is nice to everyone else but teases her on a daily basis. But she keeps her head high and knows she works hard for what she has. Even though she appears rich she works hard and compromises to reach what she has.



He may act arrogant or stuck up but deep down he is lonely. He is from a very rich family, so much so that he had to change his last name so he can transfer to school. He is very smart but has so many superficial things like the latest game consoles and really nice clothes. He comes off as a flirt to all the girls who swoon after him. But it seems that the attention he craves is Andrea’s negative attention. He finds her to be an ‘annoying gorilla’ who he can tease whenever he wants. One day his phone breaks and she promises to pay for it herself. With girlfriends left and right he seems content but there is a reality to why all the break ups happen.

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