Holiday Themed Novels With a Cookie Pairing

Got a sweet tooth? Cookies sound really good with a Holiday themed romance to keep you warm at night. We got eight books that will give you all the feels!

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cookies with a book in front

Cookies made fresh from the oven with an ice-cold glass of milk (or almond, if you prefer) are a perfect winter night treat. That’s why we’re pairing some sweet, delicious, gooey cookies with holiday-themed romance novels. Read on to get your sweet tooth fixings!

1. The Mistletoe Motive and Red Velvet Cookies

The Mistletoe Motive and Red Velvet Cookies

Enemies to lovers is my go-to trope, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a classic enemies to lovers romance?

Gabby and Jonathan are the complete opposite when it comes to love for Saint Nick. Gabby bathes in the holiday spirit, while Jonathan could care less. The only thing they have in common is their distaste for each other and the fact they both work at the same bookstore. But one of those commonalities will change when the store’s owners confess they are in financial debt, and one will be out of a job.

Neither of them wants to leave the place willingly, so they strive for a deal. Whoever makes the most sales in December gets to stay, and the loser will have to go. It seems like a no-brainer Gabby will win because of her charm, but Jonathan has some tricks up his sleeve. Could these two put their differences aside and play fair, or will love be in the air?

Meanwhile, Gabby has her ex, who will not leave her alone, and she has a secret pen pal who decides they should take a break. 

Chloe Liese’s The Mistletoe Motive would be paired perfectly with red velvet cookies. It’s not your typical cookie, but not exactly uncommon. And it gives an excellent connection to the book cover as well.

2. One Day in December and Snickerdoodles

One Day in December and Snickerdoodles

Does love at first sight exist? Laurie doesn’t think so, but on one snowy December day, she locks eyes on a man that makes her change her mind just as quickly. The only thing separating them is a bus. Laurie scans every bus stop and cafe in London for the next year to find him.

It’s not until Laurie goes to a Christmas party she bumps into him again. The problem, you ask? Jack is dating her best friend, Sarah. Follow this ten-year convoluted love triangle and see if love at first sight is real!

Snickerdoodles would be a delicious bite while reading Josie Silver’s One Day in December. You got the sugar, spice, and everything nice to keep you on your toes with this tale of fate.

3. Season of Love with Strawberry Thumbprints

Season of Love with Strawberry Thumbprints

Miriam Blum has been thriving in her art career, but all this comes to a standstill when a tragedy hits her family. Her great Aunt Cass passed, and she left a special gift for Miriam. She left her as part owner of an (ironically) Jewish-run Christmas tree Farm.

Unluckily for Miriam, the business is declining, and Miriam needs to work with the farm’s manager, Noelle Northwood. Noelle is not happy Miriam is here but must push away her distaste to save the farm. So when they begin to work together, an attraction begins to grow between the two.

Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies would reflect the book cover perfectly! They’re nice and gooey in the middle, just like Helena Greer’s holiday love story.

4. This Christmas with Classic Sugar Cookies

This Christmas with Classic Sugar Cookies

With a long history of bad holiday blues– such as getting rejected under the mistletoe or getting caught in the middle of his parent’s divorce, Alex is done with the holiday cheer!

Alex has moved into a new town, and he would prefer to suffer alone this winter season, but with an obnoxiously cheerful neighbor like Nicholas, he will have to do more than close his blinds. It doesn’t help that Nicholas is also a very charming and attractive man, or when Nicholas drops off Christmas cookies at his door, he ‘forces’ Alex into a snowball fight! Is there love in the air, or will Alex’s Christmas be ruined again!?

Since our hottie, Nicholas dropped by with some scrumptious Christmas cookies, it’s only right that we match him. A classic sugar cookie with a Christmas garnish sounds like a good way to go with J.R. Hart’s This Christmas.

5. A Christmas Caroline with Thin Mints

A Christmas Caroline with Thin Mints

Caroline is a working woman living in the high-class life of Manhattan. She has no time for love or relationships. But when one freak accident on Christmas Eve causes Caroline to receive four important spirits: Christmas Past, Present, Yet to Come, and Christmas that Could Have Been.

On Christmas Day, she’s married with three kids. She’s given an opportunity for a life do-over. Could she get used to this new life, or will she lose her mind?

Thin Mints would rock your world with Camilla Isley’s holiday romance! It’s fresh and still has that chocolate taste to it! I sense a modern Christmas Carol in the making!

6. Kwanzaa Angel with Bene Seed Wafers

 Kwanzaa Angel with Bene Seed Wafers

Erin Scott left high school with a bad taste in her mouth when her prom date abandoned her at the dance. Years later, she’s got her whole life ahead of her, as she has opened up her very own department store! But just as Kwanzaa is rolling in, her nemesis comes to town, reminding her of that horrible night.

Benne Seed Wafers is a part of the Kwanzaa dessert menu, so what better way than to eat benne seed wafers!

7. Royal Holiday with Royal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Royal Holiday with Royal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Royals roll out in style! Vivian Forest doesn’t get out too often… in fact, she’s left the country only once in her entire life. This all changes when Vivian decides to hit a ride off her daughter Maddie’s work trip to England. She wants all the glitz, glam, and relaxation time. But, she may be too preoccupied because a smitten private secretary with a hot British accent is taking all her attention.

Malcolm Hudson is enamored by Vivian the first moment he lays eyes on her. He even makes excuses to be around her. Isn’t it crazy that simple flirting can easily translate to kissing under a mistletoe? Will this love continue, or will they have to part ways when Vivian returns home at the end of the winter season?

Since we’re dealing with royalty, I think it’s best to serve Jasmine Guillory’s read with royal chocolate chip cookies. My stomach is hungry!

8. Walking in a Witchy Wonderland with Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Walking in a Witchy Wonderland with Pumpkin Spice Cookies

If you’re like me, you wish the Halloween season never left the building. So we are spicing things up with this short story collection of witchy business mixed with bone-chilling Christmas. And when I mean spice… well, you may not want to read this book in front of family members.

Pumpkin spice cookies sound totally fitting, don’t you think?

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