6 Obscure Book Genres Based On Your Favorite Dessert Pies

As Thanksgiving arrives, bringing pie upon pie to our dining tables, we couldn’t help but wonder: what weird book genres would our favorite pie be?

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Untamed colorful book cover next to colorful pie

Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is kind of a big deal. Mind you, not for any deep reason, but because of the food! Pie, especially, is an immense deal. And there’s certainly so many kinds to choose from! However, some are more popular than others. So for Thanksgiving, we’ve picked six of the most popular pies to assign some of the least known weird book genres too!

1. Apple Pie

book genres as pies apple pie

Said to be as American as they come, apple pie is about as synonymous with Thanksgiving as July 4 in the United States is to fireworks and bald eagles! But not only is apple pie notoriously American, it is also known to be one of the most classic and comforting pies out there. Apple pie, with its cinnamon and brown sugar sweetness has always had a very ‘cottagecore’ feel to it. Which is why we’re assigning the ‘Furry Sleuth’ genre to this great pie. Think of Nancy Drew meets Blue’s Clues –– for a recommended read, we suggest Curiosity Thrilled The Cat by Sofie Kelly.

2. Cherry Pie

cherry pie

The most nostalgic of all pies, cherry pie has a certain kind of allure to it that can be heavily attributed to the Americana aesthetics of the 50s. All those pastel-colored drive-ins and diners remind us of the 80s in a way, with all the vibrant neon. Because of that, we’re connecting good ol’ cherry pie to the Bitpunk genre. Similar to cyberpunk and steampunk, it focuses on very familiar themes, but usually revolving around the 80s and 90s, when 8-16 bit games were at the height of their popularity! To get immersed in this colorful genre, check out Marie Lu’s Warcross.

3. Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Creamy and messy, and over the top, coconut cream pie is a big favorite with the older crowd, if we’re being honest. But if you’re a fan of coconuts, it’s the pie for you! It’s known as the veritable queen of cream pies, and with its slivers of coconut and rustic look, it should be an easy pie to assign a genre to. BUT we struggled a bit with this one. In the end, we have settled on the intriguing genre of Bizarro fiction! Think of this as essentially fiction that reads like a fever dream! A great suggested read from this genre is Jeff Burk’s Shatnerquake.

4. Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

This pie is for the dreamers out there––people who like something tart, tangy and sweet all at once. Lemon Meringue, in our opinion, is a very bright, happy pie. So it’s only fair that we assign it a book genre that shines just as brightly. For that reason, we have attributed the Solarpunk genre to this great citrusy dessert! Solarpunk is all about using progressive technology to tackle social and environmental inequalities––it’s brighter than steampunk, with all the hopeful rebellion of a good Dystopian! For our recommended read, we suggest Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation by multiple authors.

5. Mississippi Mud Pie

Mississippi Mud Pie

Decadent, rich and over-the top, Mississippi Mud Pies are a favorite at nearly all dinner tables. Who doesn’t love chocolate, after all? The entire pie is essentially one mass of chocolate, from its chocolate cream filling, to the sauce that is drizzled on top, and even a chocolate graham-cracker crust! The genre we’ve picked for this pie is one you may not be familiar with in name, but have likely encountered before: Gaslamp Fantasy! A mix of both dark fantasy and victorian gothic, Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone series immediately comes to mind!

6. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin spice may be ‘basic’, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious! Warm and full of nutmeg and ginger, it combines all the very best flavors of fall! For the Thanksgiving classic of pumpkin pie, we’re suggesting Cashier Memoirs as our genre of choice. The majority of people adore pumpkin pie, even though it tends to fade into the background next to some more popular pies. Cashier Memoirs focus on the equally forgotten people that linger in our periphery: literally, cashiers. This genre is popular mostly in Europe and tends to focus on looking at ordinary people’s everyday life––almost like a study of human experience. We recommend checking out I Hate Stupid People by Rebecca Haddock.

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