Climactic Manga Arcs and Exciting Anime Renewals Announced

There have been a lot of manga and anime announcements lately. So here’s your one-stop shop for three of the big hitters!

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Some fan-favorite manga are currently at a pivotal stage in their serialization. From final arcs to highly anticipated anime seasons, Bookstr’s rounding out the latest otaku news!

Yona of the Dawn to End Soon

It’s official. After nearly 15 years of serialization, political fantasy Yona of the Dawn is ending. Mangaka Mizuho Kusanagi casually dropped the announcement on X, following the series winning a Rabuten Kobo eBook Award for the “Long-Seller Comic” category. On the post, she wrote:

Thank you! I’m honored. Yona is finally in its final [arc], so I’ll do my best to see it through.

Via @KusanagiMizuho on X

Just recently, the cover art for the manga’s latest volume was also unveiled. In Japan, the shoujo series currently stands at 43 tankōbons, with the 44th having gone on sale June 20th. Meanwhile, volume 42 is set to release in America on September 3rd via English publisher Viz Media.

"Yona of the Dawn" by Mizuho Kusanagi volume 44 cover, featuring a boy and redhead girl walking through a forest with glowing butterflies.

Yona of the Dawn tells the story of a displaced princess who forms an alliance with a group of dragon warriors. It began its run on shoujo magazine Hana to Yume in August of 2009, later receiving an anime adaptation in 2014. The franchise has since gained great popularity within the animanga community, making it Mizuho Kusanagi’s breakout series.

Season 3 of Spy x Family Officially in Production

Spy x Family fans rejoice! The Forgers will be back on the small screen for a third season of the hit anime. This was confirmed by the series’ official social media accounts the same day the Spy x Family Extra Mission event was held in Japan, which featured live voice-over performances from the cast and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. The news also comes right as the manga is about to reach its 100th chapter.

While a premiere date is yet to be provided, a visual teaser by character designer Kazuaki Shimada was posted, depicting a sleeping Anya and Bond at the center of a makeshift star.

"Spy x Family" season 3 anime poster depicting a pink haired little girl and a big white dog sleeping at the center of a makeshift star, in a dim messy bedroom.

Spy x Family first launched on the Shonen Jump+ app in March 2019 and is published by Viz Media in America. Written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo, it follows a spy who scouts a fake family for a mission, unknowingly recruiting a telepath for a daughter and an assassin for a wife. The franchise went on to gain massive mainstream appeal after receiving its anime adaptation in 2022. The following year, an equally successful feature film released in Japanese theaters, and worldwide in 2024.

Curtain Rises on Oshi no Ko‘s Final Arc Ahead of New Anime Season

Two years after concluding Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Aka Akasaka is sending off his latest hit. At the end of its most recent chapter, Oshi no Ko was confirmed to be entering its final arc. This comes mere weeks before the anime‘s second season is set to air.

At this time, there’s no knowledge of how long the manga’s last arc will run. However, gauging by the year-long release of Kaguya-sama‘s final storyline, it’s possible fans won’t see the end of OnK until 2025.

Season 2 poster of "Oshi no Ko" anime, depicting the cast of characters in a blue and red color scheme.

Oshi no Ko revolves around the children of an idol and their path to entertainment, as they witness the dark side of the industry. The story is by Aka Akasaka — who retired as an illustrator in 2022 — while the art is done by Mengo Yokoyari. The thriller manga first published in April 2020 on Weekly Young Jump, and was licensed in English by Yen Press. An anime premiered last year to instant acclaim, with its opening theme song, Idol by Yoasobi, going viral. The show’s second season is scheduled to begin on July 3rd.

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