CA Comic Book Store Sends Copies of ‘Maus’ To Tennessee

The owner of a California comic book store is offering to send copies of ‘Maus’ to those in the Tennessee school district that banned the graphic novel.

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The graphic novel series Maus has made a comeback onto bestseller lists because of its recent ban in a Tennesee school district. Individuals all over the world are supporting Art Spiegelman‘s series, which is meant to teach younger audiences about the Holocaust through a more palatable lens of mice versus cats. Recently, a comic book store owner in California has even offered to ship copies of Maus to those who want to read it in the Tennessee school district.


Ryan Higgins owns Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, California, and from the moment he heard that Maus was being banned, he knew he needed to do something to help. “It’s just so bizarre — the actual images of the Holocaust are the most graphic, nightmare-inducing images in the world,” he says. “Why take Maus out of the curriculum when it makes this horror more teachable to a wider and younger audience?” He immediately ordered 100 copies knowing that this ban would spark an interest in the graphic novel.

Higgins then shared in a Tweet that he would send the copies to anyone in McMinn County, Tennessee if they wanted to read the book. He also shared that this is something he regularly does with other banned stories.

The website for the store reveals that copies of the comics have already sold out, but rest assured, more are on their way.

The ban of the Maus graphic novels series has caused a stir regarding censorship of history in schools. To read more about the controversial decision, click here.