Love Is Not Important: An Anti-Love Series

With February being the month of Valentine, it is only fair to talk about Anti-Love.

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A dark heart to show that love is just a small part of life

I have not yet accepted that we are in 2022, even though one entire month has passed. My feelings towards the days and the months are all over the place. There is one thing though that does not is affected by the year. Every year, I vehemently live through February. Why do we need to have an entire month celebrating love, when it is talked about, cried about, and forced upon people every day, anyway? From, grand gestures in books that border on embarrassing to the pestering man forcing a girl to love him. Sometimes romance is unnecessary.

Toxic Love Tropes Example- After Series
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In the month of love, we are delighted to introduce the anti-love series. I don’t hate love but I also don’t like to give it a pedestal. Life needs to have other things; it cannot function on only one element because then it is obsessive and not healthy. There are so many romance books that encourage such behavior with toxic tropes like the After series. The main characters show the best reason why love is not and should not be like that. Love is not based on lies, distrust, selfish gains so when one can see that it will not do any good then love is not necessary.

My principal once said “Just because you feel love, does not mean you need to express it to them” and while that statement made me feel anger at that point, I learned much later that he didn’t tell us to suppress the love, but to let it grow and express it through actions. He added when the love and the person are ready then the love will be communicated. It will make a relationship. Forced love is never love and so it is not important to always declare love.

About The Anti-Love Series

To understand where anti-love stems from, this series will include book and adaptation recommendations and opinion pieces where love is cherished and not forced. Falling in love is by chance and not an obligation. It cannot be a defining point in life because then people who do not love are subjected to looks of judgment. There are people who identify as aromantics. They are not weird and neither are they inhuman because they don’t have an interest in romantic relationships. So whether you are a romantic or an aromantic or are simply furious about the obsession with love, this series is for everyone. We will publish articles every week so keep a look for them here.

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