Boy Writes Comic Book That Becomes Library Favorite

A young boy created his own book to hide on the shelves of his local library. Now there is a waitlist of readers hoping to check out his comic book.

Most everyone has the fantasy of writing their own book one day, Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and rarely do any of us get the opportunity to become published authors. For eight-year-old Dillon Helbig, he never felt the need to wait until adulthood to make his dreams come true. Recently, he wrote a comic book called “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis” and snuck it into his local library’s shelves. The comic book became an unexpected instant hit among library-goers.


Helbig grew up going to libraries, and for years, he thought about having his own book on one of the shelves for readers to check out. But who says that you can’t make this happen for yourself? Like many self-published authors, Helbig took the plunge by creating his own book. However, he also took the initiative to hide it on a library shelf in the hopes that someone will want to read it. Alex Hartman, branch manager of the Ada County Library in Boise, Idaho, was the first to read Helbig’s comic book, and he even cataloged it under graphic novels for other readers.

“[N]ow there are 26 people who want my book,” Dillon said, proving that taking initiative will get you far. Apparently, the young Helbig wasn’t the only one to have this idea: his father had done something similar when he was younger! Alex Helbig created 100 copies of his album and hid them around various stores in the area in hopes that someone would pick it up and listen. Now that Dillon’s library book is a hit, perhaps he will continue to be inspired to write for the masses. It just goes to show that you never know who will stumble upon your masterpiece.

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