Author’s Library Auctions Off First Edition ‘James Bond’

Rare items—like signed ‘James Bond’ first editions—from the private library of author Paul Gallico are up for auction this Friday.

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It is fair to assume that authors have wonderous private libraries filled with gem-like books that ought to be in museums. Well, the estate of the late Paul Gallico, best known for The Snow Goose and The Poseidon Adventure, is auctioning off the hidden gems from his abandoned private library. And whether you’re a fan of Gallico’s or historical items, you’re going to want to know what’s hiding on his property.


It has been almost fifty years since Gallico passed away, but his legacy lives on through the rare items he left behind. On Friday, pieces like a signed first edition of Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Flemming and a leather Abercrombie & Fitch flying jacket will head to auction. A first edition Casino Royale will also join the lineup, along with Gallico’s typewriters.

While we would all love to take part in this iconic auction, you’re going to have to drop a pretty penny to get your hands on some of these items. The Diamonds Are Forever book with the inscription “To Paul, who spread his wings over my first-born, 1956,” written by Fleming is expected to go for a whopping £12,000-£18,000. This is what we get when a private library is deserted in Antibes, France. But if you don’t have this kind of money (which, let’s face it, the majority of us do not), you can visit Columbia University which houses Gallico’s private papers.

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