Gilderoy Lockhart Has 4 Failed Attempts Of Heroism At Hogwarts

Gilderoy Lockhart is seen as a charming hero that has contributed to the Wizarding World. However, let’s explore his four ultimate failures in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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Today marks the birthday of Gilderoy Lockhart. We all know him as the charismatic hero who attempted to show off his amazing skills in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He arrived as a hero and new professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Then he left, his name tarnished, having no idea who he is and all his lies exposed. Here are four failed attempts of Gilderoy Lockhart’s heroism at Hogwarts.

Lockhart Wrote Heroic Fiction, Not an Autobiography


When a new year at Hogwarts begins, every student goes to Diagon Alley to get their books. Well, Gilderoy Lockhart being the new professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) class, has his own books he recommends the students buy. There are several books he has written that showcase his knowledge and skill as a wizard. One of the collections is called ‘Magical Me’, an autobiography of his dangerous adventures. He gives it to Harry free of charge. However, we come to know that all these books are fiction—they aren’t real-life experiences. This is the first example of a failed attempt at being the hero.

2. The Pixie Incident


Who can forget this failed moment when Professor Lockhart attempts to stop the cornish pixies. His attempt at a spell “Peskipiksi Pesternomi!” is an attempt at a spell that holds no merit. He just wanted to sound intelligent in the supposed wizardry knowledge he has. Instead of being the responsible adult and calling for help, he leaves it to the trio to take care of.

3. False Wand Combat Skills in DADA Class


During Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) class, Lockhart teams up with Professor Snape to teach kids how to properly duel and disarm opponents. He of course brags about his skills when attempting to demonstrate with Professor Snape, which he fails. Even as Lockhart brushes it off, when Draco and Harry attempt a duel, Lockhart is unable to get rid of the snake Harry conjured up. With the lack of skills or knowledge to do spells properly, I am astounded how no one fact-checked his references or sources when applying for the job as a DADA professor.

4. Gilderoy Lockhart Attempts to Save Ginny Weasley


When Ginny Weasley is kidnapped by Tom Riddle, Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape coax Lockhart into going after her, since he has so much experience. Reluctant out of fear of being exposed, he does. When Harry and Ron are on a mission to save Ginny as well, they bump into Lockhart. Finally, Lockhart had a chance to be a true hero. He could have told the truth and come out as a new person with a clean slate. However, he was scared and attempted to wipe their memories and come out as a hero with casualties. To that end, he lost his memory by accidentally using Ron’s broken wand.

Although Gilderoy Lockhart was somewhat of a villain, we celebrate his birthday today and his attempts to be a true honest hero.

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