‘Brass & Sass’: A High School Band Romance

Get ready for another romance with a sprinkle of high school band drama. ‘Brass & Sass’ is a Webtoon about a passionate girl who desperately wants to play an instrument. It doesn’t help she has a crush on her tutor.

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Brass & Sass is a Webtoon romance revolving around a high school band. The creator of this romantic Webtoon is antlerella and updates are every Thursday. Brass & Sass is officially in their third season. If you are into high school drama, including the highs and lows of love, this comic is for you.

Brass & Sass Plot


Music may have attracted Camilla to band class, but love is the motivation for her to continue. She hasn’t been successful when it comes to joining a club or taking on a hobby. but at Crestmere High, there is always an opportunity. Camilla doesn’t have any musical talent, but her passion burns bright, and it makes up for the handsome arrogant musician, Victor. Even though he is grumpy and a stickler for perfection, can she focus on pursuing her new interest and being part of the band?

Brass & Sass Characters



Camilla is a super positive, passionate, and kind person. She always has great energy and attitude when it comes to trying new things. Many people are drawn to her and she makes friends easily. Her only flaw is that she is unable to master any club, activity, or hobby she sets her mind to. With a chaotic family (including her big sister Dana and little sister Louisa) finding high school passions to pursue fills her heart. When attempting to be part of the band, she tries every instrument until she sets her mind on the trumpet. Now, all she has to do is learn to play, if only it were more fun than being tutored by that arrogant musician Victor. Is he really a stickler for perfection, or can he let loose and have fun?



Victor is a perfectionist and is always aiming to be the best. His dad always pushes him to the limit, and he is trying to be the best son and follow through with being a musician. However, certain circumstances have him being put in public school and into his aunt’s band. He is great at playing the french horn and the piano and knows everything about all instruments. The only good thing about band is that he can see his close friend Bethany; but his constant high expectation makes him put pressure on his bandmates, especially with a talentless girl like Camilla who seems to be doing this for fun. With his past being the only motivation to get back on top, with heartbreak and trauma, can he let loose and find passion in being a musician?



Bethany is a great piano and flute player. It’s even better now that her best friend Victor is in her band class at Crestmere High School. It doesn’t help that she has a huge crush on him and that he seems irritated by his bandmates, especially cute Camilla. Her expectations by her mother don’t help the pressure and stage fright whenever she sets foot in band class. Will she be able to conquer her fears, confess to Victor, and do what she truly loves?



Rowan seems to be all talk, fun, and muscle, but he has a passion for comics and stories. Not many people know the real him, but when meeting Camilla who is passionate about band sparks the true him. He finds her a great influence to be himself and to have fun. He attempts to play the triangle in band, and despite his desire to just have fun, he believes all he has is a true friend is in Camilla. Despite the encouragement, the pressure of his older overachieving brothers and father doesn’t help his confidence. With a fast-paced high school life and expectations to be the best, can he find his heart and passion through Camilla?



Safiya is Camilla’s best friend since junior high school. She is part of the band club and helps with the faculty. She is seen mostly helping with funding for the band club, I am not sure which instrument she plays. However, she is passionate when it comes to giving Camilla her encouragement, especially her muffins which Camilla loves. Safiya also is close friends with Lydia and adores her.



Lydia plays the trombone and is very social in high school band. She is good friends with Camilla, hanging out with her and having band practice sessions. She is close friends with Ben, Safiya, and even Rowan. She is also helpful with fundraising for the school band and is a team player. She has a crush on Safiya.


Rosalind is still a bit of a mystery. We know she is associated with Victor’s past. Rosalind is Victor’s first love who also plays the french horn. However, she was the best and was selected as such in their private school at the time. Their relationship is still a bit mysterious but we can acknowledge it didn’t end well and there is bitterness in her heart.

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