Was Rupert Grint At The Harry Potter Cast Reunion?

The mystery of Rupert Grint; There one minute and missing the next. What wizardry is this?

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There have certainly been stranger fan theories. Harry Potter fans who tuned into the 20th-anniversary cast reunion special pointed out a few discrepancies that have led them to believe that Rupert Grint was not, in fact, physically present for the reunion.

Screen Rant writer JD Smithey wrote an article on how fans have drawn attention to how Emma Watson‘s nails when she and Grint are on screen together, are gold. However, in shots where she and Grint are not together, her nails are pink with black tips. Additionally, it does appear that Watson is wearing fewer rings when she is on screen with Grint, whereas she is wearing more at other points. This was one of several discrepancies noted by fans–this is in addition to the Phelps twins’ names being mixed up and a childhood picture of Emma Roberts being incorrectly tied to Watson.

Fans also drew attention to how Grint was in Canada during this last fall filming the Netflix series Cabinet of Curiosities. So, according to fans, he might have had to have filmed his portions of the reunion so that any scheduling conflicts were ironed out.

So could this be a sign that Rupert Grint was not actually at the reunion? Perhaps these same signs indicate that this reunion was shot across the span of several days instead of all in one sitting? What do you think?

FEATURED IMAGE VIA Entertainment Tonight