5 New Romantic Releases in August To Swoon Over

August has revealed several releases in the romance genre. If you are a fan of anything swoon worthy check out these five books.

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There has been an announcement of new August romance releases! Here are five swoon-worthy titles to gush over this month!

1. Sophie’s Go Lonely Hearts Club by Roselle Lim


Want a read that tackles traditional matchmaking? You’re in luck!

Sophie Go has returned to Toronto as a professional matchmaker. After three years in Shanghai, she wants to get a job in her hometown. However, when it’s revealed that she is a fraud, she didn’t graduate from the school of matchmaking. No one trusts an inexperienced liar after all. Now an outcast, she needs clients.

When Sophie Go stumbles upon a secret club in her condo complex called the Old Ducks, she meets seven potential clients who, unfortunately, have no luck with love. Sophie convinces them to let her fill the role as a matchmaker, but she discovers the challenge that these individuals face. From their deepest heartbreak, to loneliness, and love. They’re the most challenging matchmaker clients she has so far. Will she be able to find each of them the other half?

2. The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna


Love some magic and romance? An isolated witch seeks a family and she may have found it.

Mika Moon is a witch, a rarity in Britain. She must hide and not interact with any of her kind to avoid magical detection. Though she follows the rules to stay isolated, there’s one that she breaks; openly posting her magic online as a pretend witch.

However, someone takes it seriously and asks for her help. Mika gets a request to travel to the mysterious, remote Nowhere House to teach three young witches how to control their magic.

Without much thought, she says yes, and soon becomes a part of the secrets of the witches, the absent archeologists, a retired actor, and two struggling caretakers. Then there’s Jamie, a handsome librarian who doesn’t trust Mika and is protective of the girls. He sees her as an irritatingly gorgeous distraction.

As Mika is starting to find her place in the Nowhere House, there is a threat that comes knocking on their door. Will Mika risk herself to protect her newfound family?

3. Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood


Bee Kongiswasser’s mantra is ‘WWMCD’ What Would Marie Curie Do? An opportunity to lead a neuro-engineering project is a dream come true, she doesn’t hesitate to take the job. What she doesn’t expect is to be co-leading with her archenemy, Levi Ward.

Levi may be attractive and have dark penetrating eyes. However, he made it clear in grad school that archenemies must stay far away from each other.

But when the staff starts to ignore her and her equipment goes missing, Levi has a change of heart. He is backing her up and supporting her ideas. The look in his eyes has her neurons melting.

But when her heart is on the line, will she be able to make a move? What Would Bee Konigswasser Do?

4. A Dreadful Splendor by B.R. Myers


A magic mystery Gothic novel that’s whimsy yet romantic, which will definitely intoxicate the reader!

In Victorian London, a swindling spiritualist named Genevieve Timmons goes stealing from the wealthy with her ludicrous spells and skills. When she is finally caught and sent to jail, being hung is what awaits her. However, a stranger gives her an offer for her freedom; to help Mr. Pemberton move on from his past bride by performing a séance.

When arriving at the Somerset Park Estate, she expected a mourning man missing his dead bride-to-be. However, Mr. Pemberton is insistent on the idea of her murder. He wants Genevieve to help plan a staged haunting at his estate to lure the killer out. But with no evidence of a murder, it’s hard to believe they’ll find anything.

However, incidents occur within the estate and with Genevieve holding no power at all, there seems to be a true ghost present.

5. Luck and Last Resorts by Sarah Grunder Ruiz


A contemporary romance that takes place on the sea. Ready for rekindling sparks on a boat and second chances?

Nina Lejeune isn’t the committing type. Ten years after fleeing home, she is a chief stewardess on the yacht Serendipity. Her goal is to have fun and only rely on herself.

But what happens when you bring an old flame- who just so happens to be an ex-coworker- back onto the yacht?

Ollie Dunne, an Irish chef, is back and he only has one agenda: to prove Nina wrong.

Before he left, Ollie and Nina had a casual relationship, but nothing more. Now, he decides to make a deal with her; if she continues to deny the connection they have, he’ll leave for good.

With a shared secret from their past threatening the yacht and each other, will there be smooth sailing?

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