5 Awesome Prank Books for Children Sure to Make Your Child Laugh

Silly books are always enjoyable, especially for children. Add a prank to the story, and watch them explode with laughter!

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Three titles of different children's books. One is of a double decker bus driving at night. The second is of a mother and her children. The last one is of a teacher and her students. The books are titled as followed: "The Night Bus Hero"; Naomi Pranks Mom and Brother"; Miss Banks Pulls Lots of Pranks.

Who doesn’t love a good prank? A hilarious gotcha that makes our sides ache from laughter. For children, a prank is possibly the easiest way to bring out a satisfactory belly laugh, especially at their hands. To them, the setup is perfect if they can land the comedic punch on mom and dad, brother and sister, or even grandma and grandpa. As long as they’re not accidentally sending someone to the emergency room and getting a laugh, what’s the harm in pulling a good prank? For November’s Children’s Book Week, we decided to have some fun with these awesome prank books for children sure to cause a riot of laughter. Read along!

My Weirdtastic School #1: Miss Banks Pulls Lots of Pranks! by Dan Gutman

A cartoon drawing of a woman surrounded by children with a building in the background. The woman is holding super glue and another tube in both hands. the kids look scared and frantic. The title is in the center of the cover in big blue lettering. The author and illustrator are at the bottom of the cover in red lettering.

First up we have a teacher who is having way too much fun pranking her students. Miss Banks, the new fourth-grade teacher, isn’t normal, according to A.J. and his classmates. She keeps playing practical jokes on them, and the kids are getting fed up. Can A.J. and his classmates smarten up on their teacher’s tricks, or will Miss Banks triumph as the ultimate prankster?

“Perfect for reluctant readers and all kids hungry for funny school stories, Dan Gutman’s hugely popular My Weird School chapter book series has something for everyone. Don’t miss the hilarious adventures of A.J. and his friends!”

My Weirdtastic School #1: Miss Banks Pulls Lots of Pranks!

The Night Bus Hero by Onjali Q. Raúf

A large, red double decker with a poster of stars and a moon on the side on the top of the bus. The bus is surrounded by a nighttime sky with a moon in the right corner. The title is on the back of the bus, each word in different fonts. The author's name is at the bottom in yellow lettering. The cover has a whimsical and magical setting.

In this impactful story full of laughter and teaching moments, where empathy and the power of forgiveness is spotlighted, a kid bully named Hector learns a valuable lesson on how to treat others, especially when it comes to pulling pranks. Hector knows how to get into trouble; it’s what he does best. In fact, he thinks up his best pranks in detention. But what happens when Hector goes too far? Pranking a homeless man, Hector is spotted by a classmate who shames him. Now Hector wants to change his bullying, prankster ways and do something to change his fate for the better, but will he be taken seriously?

“This moving story told with humor and heart presents readers with some recognizable characters, like a bully and a teacher’s pet, and introduces them to some they may not be so familiar with–like those who are homeless, who live on the street, and whose stories are equally meaningful and important. Readers will feel motivated to see the best in others and hopeful that bad things can be overcome with effort.”

The Night Bus Hero

Naomi Pranks Mom and Brother by Angel Kennedy

There's a woman standing beside a little girl in a room with a bed and dollhouse. Outside the door, a young boy peeks his head in. The woman and young boy are smiling, while the little girl looks upset. The tile is above the woman's head. The author's name is on the left side of the woman's shoulder.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and Naomi wants to be that medicine for her family — by pranking them. Naomi likes to make people laugh. And with her imagination, she can create the best tricks to play on her family. But what happens when her mom and brother turn the tables on her, giving her a taste of her own medicine?

“Join Naomi on a surprise adventure as she discovers a valuable lesson on kindness and humor. Naomi Pranks Mom and Brother is a delightful tale of good-natured family fun.”

Naomi Pranks Mom and Brother

Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

A striped light and dark orange cover with a jar full of brown and green liquid, as well as some of the liquid around the jar. The title "freckle juice" is taped to the jar. The author's name is at the top in large pink lettering.

More than anything, Andrew Marcus wants freckles like his classmate, Nicky, who has the glorious small specks all over his face, ears, and neck. When Andrew asks Nicky where he got them, Nicky tells him he was born with his. This answer doesn’t satisfy Andrew. There has to be a way to get freckles of his own. So, when his classmate, Sharon, says she knows a way — for a fifty-cent price tag — Andrew is thrilled at the prospect of finally being freckle-less no more. He heads straight home to whip up the concoction when disaster strikes. What starts out as a freckle juice potion turns into something else entirely. Yet and still, Andrew is determined to get freckles, one way or another. He’ll show Sharon, and he has the perfect solution to do it. Or does he?

“What’s a guy gotta do to get some freckles? This perennial bestselling favorite from Judy Blume has a fresh new look!”

Freckle Juice

101 Hilarious Pranks and Practical Jokes: Plus, Learn to Invent Your Own by Theresa Julian

The cover is a lime green with food smudging the top the pages. A snake pops out of the side of the book. Ants crawl over the cover, and glue spills out onto what looks like candy. The title is in blue lettering at the top. The author's name is at the bottom in smaller lettering.

Want to become a pro at pretending to break your finger? Have it in mind to fill a friend’s doughnut with sour cream? Maybe you have a dastardly notion of putting bubble wrap under the toilet seat. This is the book for you, young prankster. Each chapter is filled with ways to master the art of pranking. You’ll learn essential skills for creating family-friendly pranks that everyone can enjoy, such as goofy faces, side-splitting props, silly noises, and much more!

“Welcome to The School of Hijinks, Malarkey & Outlandish Pranks (SHMOP), where middle graders learn the fine art of pranking and practical joking… By the end of this book, readers will have a set of tools in their prank belt to pull hundreds of practical jokes on their friends and family. Includes 101 pranks plus zillions that you can create on your own!”

101 Hilarious Pranks and Practical Jokes: Plus, Learn to Invent Your Own

With these prank books, you can’t go wrong. They’re sure to bring joy to the whole family, especially the little ones. Give these books a try during November’s Children’s Book Week. Have fun!

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