3 Sickly Sweet Romance Novels for Your Reading Pleasure

Romance novels have been flooding the shelves for centuries. Here are three more to add to your personal library that will make anyone feel ooey gooey!

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As we single people know, it’s “cuffing season” thus meaning it is the perfect time to turn to your favorite romance novel to mask the creeping loneliness. Singleness aside, this time of year is precisely why romance novels exist! They need to be enjoyed under a warm blanket and hot cup of coffee staring off into the brisk outside. There is still enough time to add these favorites to your Holiday wish list!

Here are 3 delicious novels that would make any romance lover blush!

1. Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

love and other words- romance book cover
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Love and Other Words captures the story of Macy and Elliot, childhood sweethearts who rekindle their relationship. Now, whose heart wouldn’t warm at this plot? Elliot is Macy’s first and only love of her life, but she broke his heart the night he said the awaited four words. This story is told wonderfully through flashbacks and jumps as their love story unfolds. It’s interesting to see just how close they were as kids, but how much they have changed and how their lives evolved before they crossed paths again. With its broken hearts and spoken truths, this novel is a must-read!

2. Beach Read by Emily Henry

beach read- romance book cover
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Beach Read embodies a bookish read for a bookish person. This novel follows a romance writer and a literary writer who both struggles with writer’s block as they live in neighboring beach houses. Determined to get the writing wheels turning again, they trade genres and get to work. However, by doing so, they manage to spend most of their time together. What started as two people trying to help one another ends just the way a romance novel should. This novel is achingly addicting and a great read!

3. The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

the soulmate equation- romance book cover
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The Soulmate Equation follows Jess Davis, a single mom, who is smart as a whip. She has never had parental figures in her life and her child’s father has also left the picture. It is no secret that working day and night to provide can be incredibly lonely. She decides to find a soulmate through DNA, which seems perfect to her because she understands and trusts numbers. When she has high compatibility with a stuck-up man she already knows she is confused and unsure of what to do. I really enjoy this story because Jess puts all her trust into numbers and when they give her what she’s waiting for, it’s interesting to see her start questioning them.

It’s definitely a sign that this is the second Christina Lauren novel on this list! Be sure to check her out for more exciting romance novels.

Romance is by far my favorite genre to read and study. It makes me so excited to be in love. I am excited to be giddy as I read these three novels!

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