A Bookish Gift Guide for the Romance Readers in Your Life

Romance readers love reading about love and what better way to show them some love than gifts from this bookish gift guide for the romantics in your life?

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There are 5 common love languages: physical touch, quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, and gift giving. Therefore, if you like giving gifts to show your love, this is the gift guide for you. Especially if you’re gifting someone who happens to be a hopeless romantic or just a lover of romance books. 

Love is always in the air, but even more so during the holiday season. So why not spread more love for all the romance readers in your life with these amazing bookish gift ideas?

1. Romance Books

classic romance book from Jane Austin

Romance books are an obvious, but always an excellent gift for a romance book lover. All readers have an extensively long and constantly growing TBR list, therefore, you’ll never run out of books to buy them. Books are the most perfect gift.

However, if you are stumped on what romance books to get, Bookstr has you covered with some amazing romance book recommendations.

2. Book Bouquet

book bouquet

If simply buying a book doesn’t feel romantic enough or to make your gift extra special, try doing a book bouquet! There have been several videos going viral on TikTok of people gifting their significant others with unique bouquets. 

Rather than using flowers, they’ll use chicken nuggets to make a chicken nugget bouquet or stuffed animals to make a plush bouquet. It’s creative and meaningful, plus it will last longer than flowers. So why not try doing it with books too? Gather a few books on their TBR or even throw in a few that you recommend personally. Then put it all together to make a beautiful book bouquet. 

3. Romance Book Subscription Box

romance book Subscription

If you’re still unsure of what romance book to buy, there are romance book subscription boxes available. There are a variety of different subscription boxes to pick from. Some boxes come with just the books while others also come with bookish goodies alongside the book. Book subscription boxes are one of the best ways to discover new books they possibly didn’t know about. They might discover a newfound love for a romance subgenre or a new author. 

4. Annotated Book

Annotated book

Now, this might be a controversial topic within the book community. Should you gift your friend an annotated book? Would an annotated book be a good gift? Some might say no, while others might love to receive an annotated book from their friends, especially if there’s a book you both want to read. 

It’s a meaningful way to share your own thoughts while reading the book or even just noting moments in the book your friend would love. You can either annotate directly on the book’s pages or write them on sticky notes and use tabs if your friend prefers not having the pages written on directly. So make sure your friend wouldn’t mind receiving an annotated book if you’re considering this idea. 

5. Blind Date With a Book

blind date book

A blind date with a book is pretty similar to a romance book subscription box except it’s a one-time thing. The thrilling and appealing thing about this is the mystery behind not knowing what book you’ll be getting. And like the subscription boxes, it’s another fun way to discover new tropes, romance subgenres, and authors. 

There are many Etsy shops offering blind book dates such as SpellboundByMeg. Inside each box is the book that is hand-selected by Meg, three tea bags, a bath bomb, a fruit bar, a cookie, and a handwritten note. There are options to select for book genre and tea flavors. SpellboundByMeg will even hand-pick a book based on your friend’s preferences by sending them a link to their GoodReads.

6. Candles


Some bookworms love lighting a candle while they’re reading. Therefore, candles are another great gift for bookworms. And of course with candles, there are a variety of different scents to pick. The Etsy shop, BriarWick, has so many amazing bookish options. With BriarWick, they have candle scents based on book genres such as historical romance, epic romance, and many more. They also have scents for popular book characters such as A Court of Thorns and Roses and Shatter Me. Other collections are also tropes like friends to lovers and enemies to lovers.

7. Bookish Jewelry

book shaped jewelry

If they’re a book lover who also loves wearing jewelry, then why not combine the two? There is a variety of book-related jewelry available on Etsy from earrings to necklaces and they are absolutely gorgeous. For a more general look, ArtsyYellowRoom has adorable mini book earrings with blank pages inside that you can even write on. However, there are also earrings and necklaces available from other shops that can be personalized with your friend’s favorite book cover. 

And another really pretty option for bookish jewelry is a personalized book locket necklace from SilkPurseSowsEar. The locket comes with many options such as having it engraved or having photos inside. To make it more bookish, maybe romance book covers, fanart of your friend’s favorite characters, or actors of book adaptations in the locket would be an amazing addition. They also offer to put a folded message inside, so a cute option would be a quote from their favorite romance book.

8. Map of a Fantasy World

heart shaped fantasy world

Does your romance-loving friend perhaps like fantasy as well? Then why not try taking the map of their favorite fantasy novel that is typically on the inside cover and put it on a print? And to make it even more fitting for a romantic, the print of the map is in a shape of a heart. How adorable! The shop, CustomFamilyGifts offers different sizes and mediums.

9. Clothes

long sleeve shirts- gift ideas

You can never go wrong with gifting clothes, especially if it’s book related. And even better, it’s romance book-related. Fuglybarbie’s shop has these cute sweatshirts and shirts that say “Romance Novels are my Therapy” in a multitude of colors available. Another cute sweatshirt design is from AlwaysThereBoutique with a bunch of book tropes written on book spines. These clothes are the perfect and cute addition to any romance reader’s closet.

10. Mugs

mugs-- gift guide

A bookworm’s ideal reading time usually includes cozying up in their book nook with their current read, a candle lit, and a mug with their preferred drink by their side. And every bookworm needs a book-related mug in their life. If you liked the design of book spines with book tropes written on them, it’s also available as a mug from CardiganLibrarian. Another mug design is from Fuglybarbie that reads “I Love My Coffee How I Like My Romance Novels. Hot & Steamy.”

Hopefully, these gifts for the romance readers in your life showed them how much you love them just like the love they read about in books. 

If you’re looking for more gift ideas, Bookstr has some fantastic gift guides here!