10 Exciting Little Fan Theories That Will Make You Rethink The Twilight Saga

There have been quite a few Twilight theories emerging over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular theories among the fandom!

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Silhouettes of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Forest

With a story entrenched in supernatural lore, the Twilight saga left room for many fans to speculate about the inner workings of Stephenie Meyer’s world. Beyond its themes of romance, family, and the fight between good and evil, the presence of supernatural creatures introduced another aspect of the series that received a little less explanation. From faerie lore to cult exploitation, here are some surprising fan theories that will leave you rethinking the entire series!

Bella is Part Werewolf

Bella petting Jacob as a werewolf

One of the most popular theories from the saga is that Bella had werewolf blood in her. This theory emerged due to fans noticing how the vampires’ powers were disrupted in the presence of werewolves. Seeing how they would have similar reactions in Bella’s presence, one could suggest that she had werewolf DNA of some sort. It could also explain why Jacob was so intensely attracted to Bella in the first place.

Twilight is a Tragedy, Not a Romance

Bella sitting in her room with depression in New Moon

Many critics have already pointed out some of the problematic elements of the series. Although the story ends with a happy ending, some fans suggest that the tragic elements far outweigh the positives of this love story. As the story goes on, Bella loses more of her independence. Fans were also shown the unhealthy dynamic between Edward and Bella after Edward’s brief departure in New Moon. Let’s not forget that he would consistently stalk her. Ultimately, this theory proposes that Bella permanently loses her humanity while being attached to a predator.

The Volturi Are Breeding Supervampires

The Volturi holding Edward captive in Italy

This popular theory suggests that the Volturi are actually breeders of humans with great gifts. The motive would be to create the most powerful vampire army by transforming these gifted humans into vampires. They are already known for hoarding gifted vampires, so fans believe this theory has some weight to it. This theory also makes the case that Renee and Charlie had some hidden gifts of their own, so the Volturi sought to bring them together to produce Bella. It would also explain their fascination with Bella upon meeting her in New Moon.

Bella is Trapped in a Cult

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner in front of a cloudy background

What if there were no vampires and werewolves at all? This chilling theory by CapriciousSalmon proposes that the supernatural world was all just a coping mechanism for Bella as she progressively lost her sanity. She is stuck in an inescapable cult, so she lies to herself and says she’s a vampire. The theory also makes the case that Edward is an older man cosplaying as a vampire teen in order to lure Bella into the fantasy. As for Jacob, he is just a regular guy trying to get Bella out of the cult, but she just finds him annoying as a result.

Vampires Just Need Sunscreen

Edward's skin sparkling

The most famous trait of the Twilight vampires is the way their skin sparkles in broad daylight. As a result, the gloomy weather of Forks, Washington, makes everyday living more ideal for the Cullens. One fan concluded that the sparkling occurred due to the UV light emitted from the sun’s rays. They then theorized that any sparkling can be stopped if the vampires simply wore sunscreen.

Vampires Started From Werewolves

Werewolves assembling for meeting

Which came first? The vampire or the werewolf? Reddit user MoonStarRaven theorizes that the first Twilight vampire was actually a human who was bitten by a werewolf yet became a blood-thirsty creature during the full moon rather than a werewolf. This vampire was afflicted with some mutated form of lycanthropy, which caused them to maintain sharp fangs but replaced their fur with sparkling skin.

The Vampires Are Faeries

Bella and Edward in a meadow

There isn’t much history on the origins of vampires in the Twilight universe. While Meyer offered her unique interpretations of the supernatural creature, fans have speculated that Meyer’s vampires could be something else entirely. Reddit user GodEmperorOfHell made the case that these sparkling creatures that live in the woods and drink blood are actually faeries. In Scottish folklore, the Sidhe and Boabhan Sidhe faeries are a blood-drinking species that is unusually beautiful, which could explain how Bella is drawn to the Cullens.

Bella is a Succubus

Bella as a vampire with red eyes

What if Bella wasn’t so ordinary after all? This fan theory could explain how a handsome and tragic vampire is so attracted to a seemingly average girl. A fan theory by -Graff- suggests that Bella is unaware that she’s actually a succubus. In most folklore, a succubus is a demon or supernatural entity in female form that seduces men. It could be the reason for Bella’s popularity among both humans and supernatural creatures. Also, Edward’s inability to read her mind may suggest that she has some powers of her own.

Emmett Still Has Morphine In His System

Emmett and Bella arm wrestling in Breaking Dawn

Emmett Cullen is perhaps the most laid-back vampire in the Cullen family. In certain scenarios, some fans have argued that he is just a little too laid back. Reddit user Phalseprofits makes the case that Emmett’s personality is largely influenced by the state he was in when he died. During Emmett’s transformation into a vampire, Carlisle had given him morphine to make the pain more bearable. This fan suggests that Emmett’s optimism, even in the face of the series’ endless drama, was largely due to the morphine still running through his system.

Panic Room Is A Prequel To The Twilight Saga

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart in Panic Room

This crossover theory will get some fans thinking about the events of the overall saga. Prior to her role in the Twilight films, Kristin Stewart starred as Jodie Foster’s daughter, Sarah, in the movie Panic Room (2002). Redditor TiJoHimself proposes that Panic Room could be a prequel to the Twilight saga. In the film, Sarah has a diabetes-like disease, which could relate to why Bella’s blood smells different to Edward. Bella is also known for her shyness, which the fan suggests is a coping mechanism for being stuck in a panic room and having her life threatened. The theory gets a bit more far-fetched when explaining why her parents split apart, but it’s an interesting one nonetheless.

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