10 Books Aquariuses Should Read During Aquarius Season!

Aquarius season is here, so we have 10 books you need on your TBR! We have an array of genres: speculative, poetry, spice… you name it, we got you covered!

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Aquarius books that they should read.

Aquarius season has taken flight. Here at Bookstr we have a zodiac series in which each season we give you a grand list of books you should read. As a fellow Aquarius myself, I should know what an Aquarius would like to read, right? Here’s the problem… every Aquarius you come in contact with are a little unhinged and DIFFERENT. Can you pin us down? No. Here are the common traits: weird, eccentric, creative, thought-provoking and a little detached from their emotions (however if your rising and/or moon sign can affect the latter).

The secret about Aquariuses is that we genuinely care about everyone, but we also do not care about everyone… I know! A walking contradiction. Aquariuses are aligned with water — hence Aqua… yet we are an Air sign… I know! What’s going on? Today we aren’t trying to crack the code of our free-bird Aquarius. Yes, they are the least common, but that’s why they are so unique!

I have ten books that give you a range of prose, novels, short stories, poetry– you know me, and I’m sure I got something for you!

1. Bones and All

Bones and All-- book cover-- man and woman separate directions in a field

I was in a reading rut for a few years. I didn’t know what book was going to pique my interest. That was until I came across Bones and All. Aquarians will love this read for the unusual and unique plot!

It’s filled with a thought-provoking prose and a plot-numbing YA fantasy/horror story that had me on the edge of my seat. Meet Maren Yearly. A seemingly normal sixteen-year-old girl living with her single mother. But like every and all stories, Maren’s far from normal. Whenever she feels like someone likes or loves her too much, she has the urge to eat them. And so she does. Hence, she eats their bones and all. That’s where the fantasy comes into play. How does she do it? It’s a book I think every person who deals with mental illness or similar issues should pick up because it makes you self-reflect on how you are in the world. 

It’s not your typical coming-of-age story, but it should be read. On her journey, Maren meets people that are just like her, one of them being a young man named Lee. Could this be a love story in the making or will it end in bloodshed? 

Taylor Russell and Timotheé Chalament starred in the adaptation, and for the most part, it got positive reviews, so I would highly check it out after you read the book.

2. Sea Swallow Me and Other Stories

Sea Swallow Me and Other Stories-- a man's face looking up-- ocean artistry

I think speculative fiction was made for Aquarius’ to consume. It takes one well-written story, and boom, all you want is obscure plots and mind-bending stories.

Take for instance these modernized tales of folklore horror. Craig Laurance Gidney will give you a plethora of crazed stories pertaining to alleviating black voices, sea gods, Japanese monks that get mixed up with mischievous fairies, and a gay black man that can kill someone while having sex. These stories will keep you up at night with your eyes wide open. Dare to read such gruesome tales? You tell me.

If you want more speculative reads, check out these stories!

3. The Invisibles

The Invisibles--a man with a futuristic mask and a girl in clown makeup in front of him

I think Aquarians are down for anything revolutionary as long as they think it’s for a justifiable reason.

Some have speculated that the Matrix took inspiration (or copied…) from Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles takes you a trippy ride of abstraction. This comic series follows the adventures of a secret organization, The Invisibles, that fight against physical and psychic oppression that was conceived by interdimensional alien Gods of the Archons of Outer Church. Ready to fight the system?

4. The Dispossessed

The Dispossessed book cover-- field in the mountains and the dessert

As I’ve stated earlier, Aquarius is constantly deep in thought, so is it a shock, I would recommend Ursula Le. Guin’s The Dispossessed?

Set in a bleak moon-settled utopian society, Anarres has long been alone in its solitude. Anarres and its mother earth, Urras are constantly at odds.

An excellent Physicist, Shevek, hopes to bring the two planets together. The two planets have been at odds for centuries from a lack of trust in one another. He must travel to Urras, not only to teach or share, but to also learn what the other side wants. But in the process, he begins to question his own beliefs.

In a world where there are no governmental rules and an ‘antiviolent’ approach to battling politics and economics, get your brain unfolded…

5. The Original Creative Thinking Journal

The Original Creative Thinking Journal

Out of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius is the free-thinkers and have endless creativity in everything that they do. So this creative journal will help you hone your skills.

Whether you’re a writer, painter, musician, or anything in between, this journal will inspire you to write out what your heart wants. Sometimes you need a little push and so use this book as a tool for creating magic between your fingertips.

6. The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers

The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers-- yellow book cover

Aquarians like anything that makes them think– anything that makes them ponder while brushing their teeth, going to bed and staring up at the ceiling for long periods of time.

Shanu Kapil Rider beautifully intermixes poetry and narratives through the lens of many women from the countries of India, England, and America in which she asks them a number of questions. 

The Questions: 

Who are you and whom do you love?

Where did you come from/ how did you arrive?

How will you begin?

How will you live now?

What is the shape of your body?

Who was responsible for the suffering of your mother?

What do you remember about the earth?

What are the consequences of silence?

Tell me what you know about dismemberment. 

Describe a morning you woke without fear. 

How will you/ have you prepared(d) for your death?

And what would you say if you could?

Continue to ask yourself these questions as you read along with these women’s responses. Some of it, if not all of their responses will feel nonsensical, but within your Aquarian minds, remind yourself that nothing really makes sense without a little elbow grease. Everyone has their truth in existence, and it takes heart to make it matter to the other

7. Lima :: Limón

Lima :: Limón-- book cover, a woman on a table with men there too. she's sitting at an angle in white and black gloves

As Aquarians, we have the tendency to withhold emotions, and so the best way to release this source of feelings is unleashing it through creativity. Natalie Scenters-Zapico will inspire you, trust me.

When I took my first poetry creative writing class, my professor assigned us Natalie Scenters-Zapico’s Lima :: Limón. It was the first poetry collection that made me rethink everything I thought I knew about poets. Through Scenters-Zapcio’s poems, you feel the sense of longing, despair, and falling out and in love with the wrong people. he combines the mere politics behind the life of a woman from America and Mexico while facing the hardships of a toxic relationships. She doesn’t hold back, and if you are trying to feel more vulnerable within your own writing, this collection will have you wanting to replicate such complex feelings.

Scenters-Zapico writes in English, but occasionally there are Spanish words in her prose. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish because it’s the feeling behind the words as you read them inside your head or out loud.

8. Twisted Hate

twisted hate-- book cover-- reads

Now although Aquarians do withdraw their feelings from time to time, I hate to admit that we are the biggest suckers for denying our feelings until it explodes. That’s why I’m recommending enemies to lovers on crack novel! Ana Huang has made headlines with her Twisted series on Booktok. 

Meet Josh Chen. Hot, cocky, and a magnificent doctor. 

Then we have a fellow redhead ambitious almost lawyer, Jules Ambrose, who is the bain to his existence! But Josh cannot hold back his attraction, so after one night of glorious sex, he proposes enemies with benefits relationship. Scandalous! And like any benefits relationship, there are set rules: No jealousy, no strings attention, and ABSOLUTELY NO FALLING IN LOVE. 

Yeah, right.

If you want something spice and a romance read, this one is for you Aquarius’s!

9. The Book of Lost Things

The Book of Lost Things-- book cover-- boy coming out of tree trunk

Creativity, out of this world, unable to process death… Hello fellow Aquarian, take a gander at John Colloney’s The Book of Lost Things!

At twelve years old, David mourns the death of his mother. Angry at the world, all he has left are the books on his shelf. However, these books begin to whisper in the darkness. Whether this is just child-like imagination or escapism, David takes the chance to explore through the books. Reality and fantasy begin to melt together, and although his world may be falling apart in real life, David is ready to confront this strange new world that resembles his. Filled with heroes and monsters, and ruled by a king who keeps his own secrets inside a book… you are in for a treat inside this imaginary world where David must confront the idea of growing up.

10. Aquarius: The Art of Living Well and Finding Happiness According to Your Star Sign

Aquarius: The Art of Living Well and Finding Happiness According to Your Star Sign-- book cover

Did you really think I wasn’t going to recommend a book solely about Aquarius’? Ha! Sally Kirkman will tell you how how to find happiness according to your zodiac sign and the way you could live.

Now as you can see, there is a grand range of novels, poems, and creative works for you to buy for yourself or a fellow Aquarius in your life. We’re a bit unusual. We know that, and so are the books we resonate with the most. Every once in a while, we do like some ‘normalcy’ (whatever that is), so whatever you pick (or buy them all!) should be a book full of craze!

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